These 10 Lottery Winners Lost It All

25 April 2016

Take a look at these stories of how the lottery winners lost it all.

Winning a lottery can change your life in a split second. But it also can go away as fast as it comes. We may not realize when it starts happening. Just like when these lottery winners lost it all.

These 10 people may not won the biggest lottery jackpot ever. They might have won less, but they experienced the same euphoria as any lottery winners would do.

Some of those winners may have succeeded changing their life into better ones. Unfortunately, some of them were just not ready to be that rich that fast.

The worst thing about being suddenly rich is the way people react towards you. They can suddenly be super nice to you. They can also be cruel when they don’t get what they want from you. You could have not imagined what people can do to you for money.

Take a look at these stories of lottery winners lost it all and went back to their former life. For some of them, it got even much worse.

10. David Lee Edwards ($27 million in 2001)

These 10 Lottery Winners Lost It All David Lee Edwards
These 10 Lottery Winners Lost It All: David Lee Edwards | source: nydailynews.com

In 2001, David Lee Edwards was one of the four winners of Powerball’s jackpot. It was worth of $280 million. He took the lump sum option. After tax, he received $27 million.

Prior to his lucky win, he was unemployed. And he was living in his parents’ basement. Good things happen to lazy people? Hold that thought.

He spent his money on a house, cars, a jet, and an expensive wristwatch. He spent on weaponry collections and almost $5 million on investment. On top of that, he married a 19 years younger woman.

He spent almost a half of his prize money in just a year. His wife was arrested for stabbing a boyfriend. He lost his house to foreclosure. David died in 2013 not living a millionaire’s life.

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