10 Unbelievable 3D Street Artworks

24 June 2014

10 Unbelievable 3D Street Artworks

Let me tell you a short story about how we got to have these unbelievable 3D street artworks around the world!

This phenomenon started with the graffiti art boom that was born on the streets of New York in the 1960s, but exploded  after the graffiti art boom in the 1980s.

It was a very controversial topic because for many years graffiti was considered a form of vandalism.

It wasn’t until recently that people embraced it as a form of art.

And we owe it to the artists that took this form of art to the next level!

The 3D street art was a major breakthrough in this field and you will understand immediately why!

10.Manfred Stader in London

One of the most talked about street artists, Manfred Stader, did it again!

It was impossible not to get to London, right?

Well, down to the Covent Garden, in front of the restaurant we have The Costa Cup of Coffee!

An unbelievably realistic painted cup of coffee that is hard to believe is not real lies there and became the main spot of the market.

On the foam, there is also a frog which was manually created by using chaff.

Of course, the cup became a symbol and not only tourists, but also residents took hundreds of photos “sitting” on the plate under the cup.

3D streed artworks
10 Unbelievable 3D Street Artworks

What do you see when you look through the window of your office? #9 is quite a view!

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