10 Unique Places Around The World

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10 Unique Places Around The World

It is within our nature to be fascinated by the mysterious and the beautiful. And we are so lucky because the Earth is filled with this kind of places.

Today we are going to visit 10 unique places around the world and see which location deserves more credit to Mother Nature.

Our journey knows no boundaries, as we unveil some the world’s most fascinating hot spots.

We will travel from Japan to Venezuela, from places used by the Taoists for meditation to an unused railway track from Ukraine, from a place that looks like a giant cotton castle to the largest salt flat in the world.  Sounds good, no ?

Now, with no more further delays, I proudly present you my favorite 10 unique places around the world.


Pamukkale, Turkey

I decided to start my article with a place that’s on my bucket list for a very long time – Pamukkale, Turkey. This fascinating spot is located 250 km east of Izmir and 19 km north of Denizli.

I real interesting thing about this place is its name. Pamukkale, in Turkish, means ” cotton castle “.

Now, if you ask yourself why, I will have the honor to give you three reasons for its name. Well, firstly and obviously, this places looks like a giant cotton castle. The limestone deposits are white as the cotton and tall and strong like a castle.

Second, the water from this location offers properties needed to clean the cotton produced locally.

The third reason for its name is that a Turkish poet gave it this name after he had a vision of mythological titans that used a part of the this mountain to dry and hang out their cotton.

# 10 Pamukkale, Turkey | 10 Unique Places Around The World - EALUXE | via
# 10 Pamukkale, Turkey | 10 Unique Places Around The World – EALUXE | via
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