15 Hottest Babes Leonardo DiCaprio Has Dated

Here’s the List of the Hottest Babes Leonardo DiCaprio Has Dated!


Hello Aluxers, we hope you’re ready to see some of the hottest ex girlfriends list from Hollywood. We’re talking about one of the hottest bachelor’s, Leonardo DiCaprio and his endless list of hot girls he’s dated so far.

In case you’re not familiar with his love life history, Leo has a tendency to date young and beautiful models. His type is blondes and preferably models. Someone made a chart of his girlfriends and found out that he’s never dated a girl over 25 and that the average age of his girlfriends is 22.9. That chart spans over 20 years of dating, so we can say it’s pretty accurate. Leonardo Dicaprio is currently in his mid 40s.

Although he never ever talks about his love life in interviews, another theory is that he makes all his girlfriends and flings signs an NDA agreement, because none of them has ever talked about what is like dating such an A list actor. He’s currently dating actress and model Camila Morrone who is turning 22 in 2019. She’s the stepdaughter of Al Pacino and they’ve been together for about 2 years now. Let’s have a look at his dating past and spot the pattern.


1: Gisele Bunchen 2000-2005

One of his most famous ex girlfriends and longest relationships was with brazilian model Gisele Bundchen. They dated for almost 5 years, from 2000 to 2005, until they parted ways. With such a long term relationship they were spotted many times on the red carpet and other events.

They were even named one of The Most Beautiful Couples by People Magazine, and for a good reason. Either way, their on again, off again relationship ended because Gisele was tired of partying and Leo moved on to another model. 

2: Blake Lively 2011

Another super famous ex girlfriend of Leo was Blake Lively. The Gossip Girl star and the actor dated for about 5 months back in 2011, just before she got together with Ryan Reynolds. They spent a lot of time on yachts, the place where Leo meets most of his girlfriends.

She knew how to cook, she was beautiful and charming. It was supposed to be the perfect recipe for success, but like most of his relationships it ended. Most of his ex girlfriends find their partner after being with Leo.

3: Bar Refaeli 2005-11

Between Gisele and Blake, Leonardo mingled with another famous model, this time the famous Israelian Bar Refaeli he met at a party in Las Vegas. By now you’ve probably seen that he likes blondes and Victoria’s Secret models. 

With Bar Rafaeli, the relationship was very focused around politics and environmental causes but it wasn’t enough to keep them together. After many breakups, they finally called it quits in 2011.

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 4: Toni Garrn 2013-2014

Another blonde Victoria’s Secret model and girlfriend of Leo was Toni Garrn. She fitted the pattern perfectly but they only dated for about 10 months. Although they’ve been spotted a few times in public, it didn’t last too long.

The German model was just 21 back then, spending time at events and travelling. After their breakup, the two have been spotted in 2017 leaving a party holding hands in New York. The rekindle didn’t last too long either. 

5: Lorena Rae, 2017

One of the few brunettes Leonardo has dates was Lorena Rae. A model too, they have been spotted together a few times back in 2017. She was a german model too and only 23 years old, so what was the problem there?

It seems that Leo was dating her as well as his ex girlfriend Tori Gurrn. Paparazzi have been spotting him with the two models in the same period. Maybe it was that, maybe she wasn’t his type or maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Let’s move on.

6: Nina Agdal 2016

On again and off again was also the relationship with Nina Agdal. Yes, another Victoria’s Secret model Leonardo has dated for some time. She was just 21 back then and has denied being connected with the actor in the media.

Of course, pictures show something else. They dated in 2014 and then in 2016, when they were spotted spending holidays together. Unless it was a relationship longer than 3 months, Leo or his girlfriends rarely admitted a relationship.

7: Erin Heatherone 2011-2012

For less than a year, Leonardo fell for yet another Victoria’s Secret model, Erin Heatherone. He was recovering from his breakup with Blake Lively, so he went with his safe bet, a model. The two didn’t last too long due to their busy schedules.

After the breakup, it was later known that Erin filed for bankruptcy, after spending more than she could earn. She’s ows over 560.000 dollars in credit card debt. Maybe her fling with Leonardo didn’t land her too many contracts.

8: Kelly Rohrbach 2015

Not all models who date Leonardo go bankrupt. Kelly Rohrbach, for instance landed a huge role for her new found acting career, as C.J in the new Baywatch movie. Since she got that part, you can imagine how hot she looks. 

Kelly dated Leonardo briefly in 2015 and there were rumors of the two getting engaged at one point. Aside from her incredible looks, she is also a Georgetown University graduate, but this wasn’t good enough to last either. 

9: Kat Torres 2013

This relationship was extremely short lived, and just like many others it all started in Cannes, Leo’s favorite place to pick up models. The problem was that Kat Torres was a brazilian model who talked a little too much about her love life.

She admitted to the press that she was dating Leonardo DiCaprio, a big mistake that might have had an impact on their ending. Whether she was a fling or a short thing, Leo moved quickly after to another beautiful woman. 

10: Helena Christiensen 97

Because he likes Victoria’s Secret models so much, Leo found himself dating some of the original angels like Naomi or Helena Christiensen. After having his career propelled by Romeo and Juliet and Titanic he started becoming more popular among women.

Since she was such a popular name in the industry back then, everyone was curious to see how these two would hit it off. Unfortunately it was just a fling and they parted ways after a few months in 1997. We have to admit that Leonardo Dicaprio had some of the most gorgeous women by his side.

11: Amber Valletta 98

Staying in the 90s zone, another notorious model Leo has dated was the beautiful Amber Valletta. She was also in her young 20s back in 98 when they dated, but the way he secured the conquest was a little different than usual.

He knew her as a model from magazines and posters and when the time was right for him he had his people find her and contact her to secure a date. Although his approach was extreme, it worked. The relationship on the other hand, didn’t work. 

Resource: Most Expensive Magazine Covers Ever Shot

12: Madalina Ghenea 2012

Breaking the pattern a little again, in 2012 Leonardo dated another brunette model and actress, this time the beautiful Madalina Ghenea. The press talked a lot about these two, but this one didn’t last too long either.

This relationship happened after his rocky on and off time with Bar Rafaeli so maybe it was a rebound for him. She’s now dating rich men, has moved to Milan with her baby daughter and lives her best life, just like Leo.

13: Alesia Riabenkova – 2013

Alesia Riabenkova was another brunette, 20 something model Leo dated in 2013. She has been on the covers of Elle and Glamour magazines and is of Latvian descent. Their relationship ended quickly in less than 3 months.

Besides the few long term relationships, Leo has been involved in many flings and 3 months relationships with models he met cruising in Cannes. Just like Alesia, there have been many others like her.

Resource: Most Popular Fashion Magazines

14: Eva Herzingova 1998

Besides Helena Christiansen, Leonardo Dicaprio has dated another famous 90s model, Eva Herzingova. The two met at the premiere of The Man in the Iron Mask in 1998 and connected instanly. She was 25 back then and married with Bon Jovi drummer.

That didn’t stop them for dating for about 2 months. By the time their little amourous fling ended, she also filed for divorce. Nowadays she’s in her late 40s as well and doesn’t look a day over 25. Just like his girlfriend, Leo ages very well.

15: Anne Vyalitsyna

A short fling was Anne Vyalitsyna too. They met when Leo and Bar were on a break, partying in Ibiza. She was a Sports Illustrated model, because Leo likes models a lot. She appeared in the magazine 10 years consecutively, so you can imagine how sexy she is.

But since they were only together because Leo and Bar were on a longer break, their fling didn’t last too long either. She was definitely a rebound kind of thing, among other girls that kept him company in between relationships.

These was a short list of Leonardo DiCaprio’s hottest girlfriends he had over the years, because there were many other models, short flings and rumors around his love life. Any woman around him is always linked as his potential girlfriend. Most celebrities try to keep their personal life secret but with little success. Rihanna, Naomi Campbel, Demi Moore or Jennifer Aniston were just a few celebrities rumored to have dated Leo, but little to no evidence supports these theories.

Maybe Leo will settle down after he wins an Oscar, who knows. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments below which ex girlfriend you think could have been the one?

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