20 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney

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20 Things you didn’t know about Disney

You don’t have to be a child to love the marvelous World of Disney, that is why today we prepared for you some amazing facts about a subject that will always bring out the kid in you. Here are the 20 things you didn’t know about Disney!

Remember the feeling you’ve got when your parents told you for the first time, that you are going to Disneyland? I bet it was ten times better than any Christmas.

That is exactly the magic that Walt Disney, the creator of Disney, wanted to attach to his magnificent creations.

He managed to create a World of happiness, where every dream can be real. Lets begin our fun journey into this magic World! These are the 20 things you didn’t know about Disney!

1. The Land Of Oz was supposed to be included in the first Disneyland

That would have been very awesome, but the creators abandoned the idea, and the Land Of Oz was never finished.

Things you didn't know about Disney
The Land Of Oz; via www.deviantart.com

2. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth

With a o% crime rate, Disneyland is considered to be one of the safest and happiest places that you can be.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Disneyland, via www.wallpapersinhq.com

3. The Disneyland crew take their jobs very seriously

Every Toy Story character used to drop to the ground when someone yelled: “Andy’s coming!”. Now they simply say: “Andy left for college”.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Toy Story characters; via www.andpop.com/

4. Early Disney films were mother-free zones

These thing applies to Jungle Book, Pinocchio, Bambi and many others. People speculated that this happened because of the death of the creator’s mother, who was traumatized by the event.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Bambi scene; via www.wordpress.com

5. Disney has many hidden massages in their movies

A good example is the sorcerer in Fantasia, named “Yen Sid”. Now try reading that backwards. Pretty clever, right?

Things you didn't know about Disney
Yen Sid; via www.wallpaperchimp.com

6. At first you were not allowed to have a beard in Disneyland

It is weird when you consider the fact that the creator, Walt Disney had a mustache, but hey, his park, his rules!

Things you didn't know about Disney
Walt Disney; via www.jonathantony.com

7. Animating Sully from Monsters Inc. was quite hard

Due the fact that he has more than 2 million individual hairs, every scene featuring him took approximately 12 hours to be produced.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Sully; via www.gorgview.com

8. Micky and Minnie will respond to your wedding invitation

If you send a wedding invitation to Mickey and Minnie, they respond to you by sending you back a photo with an autograph and a “Just Married” badge.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Mickey and Minnie; via www.buzzerg.com

9. Boo’s real name is Mary

They named her after her voice actress, and you can see her name in the drawings in her room.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Boo; via www.youtube.com

10. The Disney World resort is huge

Actually it is so big that you can easily get lost, because it is approximately the same size as San Francisco.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Disney World Resort; via www.portcanaveralshuttlebus.com

11. The animators used a secret code for warning each other

Every time when Walt Disney was coming the check them, they warn each other by saying: “Man is in the forest!”

Things you didn't know about Disney
Walt Disney; via www.toutlecine.com

12. The Little Mermaid storm scene was quite tricky

Although the scene is only 2 minutes long, it took over an year to be done, and 10 special effect artists have worked on it.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Little Mermaid; via www.disneymovieyear.wordpress.com

13. Mickey Mouse was the first animated character that got a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Beside this great honor, he was also the first animated character that talked. and his first words were “Hot Dog”.

Things you didn't know about Disney

14. The Beast is inspired by real animals

The creator went to a zoo and it was inspired by a lion, the horns of a buffalo and the eyebrows of a gorilla.

Things you didn't know about Disney
The Beast; via www.galleryhip.com

15. Walt Disney had a personal favorite character

You’ve probably thought that Mickey Mouse was his favorite character, but actually no, it was Goofy.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Goofy; via www.alphacoders.com

16. Walt Disney was famous for his attention to details

In the first Disneyland park he placed the bins 25 steps away from the hot-dog stand, because he thought that this is the amount of time necessary to eat a hot-dog.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Walt Disney; via www.mywaltdisneyquotes.com

17. Aladdin was inspired by MC Hammer

Well not all the character of course, but most definitely his baggy pants. At least that it what the creator said.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Aladdin; via www.disney.wikia.com

18. Three babies were born in Disneyland

As of 2012, there were three babies that were in this magical land. I wonder if any of them were name after a Disney character.

Things you didn't know about Disney
A crying baby; via www.huffpost.com

19. Mickey Mouse ears are the most popular souvenir in Disneyland

With nearly 80 million sold, this souvenir brought a lot of money for Disney. You can put your name on the back, but is excluded to put a company name, a famous person or a personal business name on it.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Mickey Mouse ears; via www.elynnebeauty.wordpress.com

20. Harry Truman refused the Dumbo ride

The president Harry Truman, a democrat, refused this because the elephant is the symbol of the Republican party.

Things you didn't know about Disney
Harry Truman; via www.patriotspokenword.com

This concludes our today’s article about 20 things you didn’t know about Disney, and we hope you enjoyed it! For more opinions, leave them in the comment section below!

So, what is you personal favorite Disney character, and why?

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