5 Best Apps For Holidays | Fitness & Health

19 June 2014

5 Best Apps For Holidays | Fitness & Health

I guess we can all agree that technology has got us wrapped around its fingers, right?

We all use apps, whether it’s for fitness, for socializing or simply for fun, so what about the best apps for holidays?

And if you thought that going on holiday will keep you busy and you will no longer use them, you are wrong.

Just imagine how many pictures you will take and you will want all your friends to see them!

But today we are not talking about pictures, we are talking about fitness & health apps that will keep you on the right track even when you are on vacation.

So let’s stop the talking, and discover what are the 5 best apps for holidays.


I guess you all know that going on a vacation can be quite stressful.

And that is why the Calm app is here for you.

Whenever you use the app, you will definitely feel a lot more relaxed.

How, you wonder? Calm can help you meditate, sleep and relax.

The app has some easy-to-follow programs that will teach you how to meditate, 10 nature scenes, music tracks and guided meditations to help you focus, be creative, be energetic, confident, and much more.

Doesn’t it seem quite interesting? I say give this app a go!

“This a seriously great app. I listen to it all the time and find the guide sessions to be truly helpful for my anxiety. The selection of sounds is thorough, as well. Love calm!”

Price: Free (pro versions available at different costs)

5 Best Apps For Holidays - Calm
5 Best Apps For Holidays – Calm

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