9 More Days Untill You Can Watch Cara Delevingne Starring In Timeless!

10 June 2014

9 More Days Untill You Can Watch Cara Delevingne Starring In Timeless!

There is no suprise  Cara Delevingne is getting more popular day by day, and we must say, we’re more than happy for her.

Since I am quite a fan of her, I couldn’t be more excited about her movie.

Not only is she a super famous model, but in a few days you can watch Cara Delevingne starring in Timeless, a drama where the model plays Chloe, a young woman whose fiancé is a soldier serving in Afghanistan.

This experience is bringing her closer to her great-grandmother (played by Sylvia Syms) who was separated from her partner as well.

Cara is 100% different than what we see on the catwalks, no glitz and glamour and we must admit, she’s still as pretty as we know her.

I prefer acting to modelling. Modelling is where I started and I’ll never turn my back on it, I thank it for everything I’ve done now.

And we must admit, from what we see in the Timeless trailer, Cara can certainly act.

Even though we have no idea what she is talking about in the dialogue, she surely got us intrigued!

We think Cara’s career is only going to go up hill from here, and she surely deserves it!

Let’s have a look at Cara Delevingne starring in Timeless, which will have its debut in the UK on June 19, on Sky Arts.

What do you think? Would you watch Cara Delevingne’s movie?

Even if she is not the glamorous and sexy model dressed with designer clothes, she surely looks good in a plain grey polo and with a wanna-be bun.

Cara’s expected to have more movie parts, so we are excitedly awaiting!

Stay tuned for more to come and if you want to get her look, check out our fashion advice.