Amazing Pyramid House | Luxury Lifestyle

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Amazing Pyramid House | Luxury Lifestyle

We are always talking about mind-blowing houses around here, so today we are not letting you down. If we presented you luxury interiors from car themed hotels to extraordinary tiny houses, we are now happy to announce: The Amazing Pyramid House. 

If the Pharaohs had pyramids, why can’t you have one, right? Well we are here to tell you that soon you might just have one!

The amazing pyramid house is designed by a Mexican architect from Michoacan, Juan Carlos Ramos. He has been working with architectural visualization for the last 10 years and now his latest project is the Pyramid House, which he has submitted as a proposal for a recent architecture competition.

Amazing Pyramid House | Luxury Lifestyle

The simple geometrical shape creates a clean aesthetic and eye-catching design, unusual in architecture.

The house consists of big glass walls that allow natural light to bright up the rooms and give a warmer cosier feeling.

Amazing Pyramid House | Luxury Lifestyle

The unusual house has multiple windows cut-outs on the large triangular façades, so you will enjoy the natural light all day long.

An enormous window covers one entire side of the structure that visually exposes and lightens the design.

Amazing Pyramid House | Luxury Lifestyle
The multi-level interior of the amazing pyramid house features two bedrooms, a balcony and a library situated on the third floor, on top of everything.

The unconventional pyramid also has a living room and a dining room, a kitchen, a recording studio and even a pool.

The house has a pyramid staircase running through the core of the building.

Amazing Pyramid House | Luxury Lifestyle
And if thought you’ve seen enough, well it’s time to find out that you can also park your car inside the pyramid!

Amazing Pyramid House | Luxury Lifestyle
Juan Carlos Ramos spent months working on this amazing design of the house, but it has yet to become a reality even though it won a prestigious architecture award in 2013.

What do you think of the amazing pyramid house? We would love to live in it!

Let us know if you think this uber cool project will become a reality or not!

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