Best Animal Movies | Top 10

23 August 2014

Best Animal Movies | Top 10

So if by now you saw some top tens that have movie related subjects it’s time to go on another journey on the Hollywood sets because we are seeing the best animal movies.

Everything resume’s to luxury, but when it comes to taste some people define luxury in different ways, giving us some difficulties in creating the perfect top 10 for you and we trust our guts and offer you the best top tens out there.

The best animal movies is the list with animal related movies which you can watch with your family and friends, with your younger kids or any animal lover.

Because the list would be a little big bigger if we were taking in consideration animated movies, this is the list where real animals walked the set and shoot live footage of the loving audience.

So we created a handpicked list with top box office movies, where the interpretations are impeccable and the leading animal characters indulge the tastes of the audience, the critics and the people who acted beside them.

So consider this an advanced taste tester of the public, a way of choosing the best for the public, a luxury private film guide to the best animal movies->

10. Stuart Little – 1999

Starting the list of the best animal movies is a film directed by Rob Minkoff and who is based on a well know novel by E.B. White.

The American family movie, Stuart Little, who tells the story of a mouse adopted by humans is our first choice for the list of best animal movies, because there is no appropriate way to start the list without something cute and fuzzy.

Even if the movie resembles the book in only a few things, we have a great movie to see with your entire family, a comedy where the producers mixed the live-action with computer animation so they could create and animate Stuart Little the little mouse.

Released in 1999 the movie had a sequel in 2002, a short TV show and another sequel in 2006 all of them presents the comedy around the little Stuart, a mouse who was adopted by the family Little, who tries from the bottom of his little hart to show that he can be a normal family member.

Scoring 5.9 on IMDB and being number 1 in the opening weekend, the movie was a success with more than 60% positive critics and positive reviews, making the sequels a fun way to remember the family time you had and you could have again.

Best Animal Movies | Top 10
Stuart Little Movie Still

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