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23 August 2014


Babe – 1995

Looping a little bit back in time we found another box office for you all animal lovers, a movie who was nominated for several Academy Awards and who gave us back then a story not to forget.

The movie is “Babe”, the 1995 comedy drama who started a little pig who had a dream of becoming a sheepdog.

The movie became an instant success and grossed worldwide over 250 million dollars, making it the animal movie with the best critical acclaim, over 90% of the reviews made for it, being more than good.

After being nominated for 7 Academy Awards the movie won the award for Visual Effects, combining both animatronic and real live animals for the main characters while the voices and mouth movement was made entirely digital.

If you want to teach your youngsters about animals, farm life and give a point of view on raising and respecting the animal reign, this is one of the best animal movies you could watch.

So go rent the movie because you are in for some traditional farm fun, where the animals come to life and try to be as human as they can while living the simple barn life.

Best Animal Movies | Top 10
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