Best Football Boots Of All Time | Top 10

18 August 2014

Best Football Boots Of All Time | Top 10

When it comes to soccer one of the most important things you have to know is how to pick your footwear and that’s why we are here because we want to show you the best football boots of all time, a collection of boots who will make your feet feel the comfort and luxury you need to play the game.

You and your feet have a unique connection, but now is the time to create this special connection between you your feet and the boots you will wear on the field because the wrong one can lead you to an injury.

Now we will show you probably the best shoes for the soccer field and take you on a tour of the soccer world where the only thing that matters is the material, the form and the technology used to create the ultimate football accessory.

So they say that 50 percent is the player, 40% are the skills he possesses and the rest of 10 percent are the boots but if the last piece is incomplete or the wrong kind the rest fall apart.

Some boots are made specially for defenders to be firm on their feet, some for midfielders to have the right control on the shoe whenever he start to move, dribble or pass and some are made for the guys in attack to be accurate when targeting the goalie.

Now the list was made by some criteria like number of years on the market, if it is still selling, if it has a modern model and if this model keeps anything from the original, but also the material and technology used for the making of the best football boots of all time.

Now for all the guys out there this is considered the most important thing in soccer, picking your boots, it’s like fashion but it mixes technology and lots of money so that the feet of famous soccer players and the feet of all the soccer players out there could be as safe as possible, as comfortable as possible and last but not least as efficient as possible on the field.

These are the best football boots of all time->

10. Nike Hypervenom

For a starter in the list of the best football boots of all time we bring to you the latest model from Nike, The Hypervenom, a model who promises to be the best from the start.

The guys from Nike did a very good job advertising this model and releasing it with the help of international star Neymar, who wears the boot in all his matches.

So by now you figured it out pretty much by yourself that this is a special boot designed to accommodate a variety of players and tactics.

The model was designed and the shoe itself and all its components were developed in two years and a half.

The testing before the final result was a combination between numerous skin combinations and variations of mesh.

The boot is the promise of the future, who was designed to accommodate all kinds of weather and players, mostly created from unique Nike materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques.

With the split-toe design, the compressed nylon chassis, the Nikeskin upper and the barefoot feeling make the Hypervenom a necessity for a striker or a midfielder.

The style of play the boot can offer you is based on the latest evolution of the game and the number one feature that the cleat offers is agility mixed with the fact that now the player’s foot is closer to the ball.

The Nike Hypervenonm promises a lot for a newcomer but the time to create it and all the materials used, makes it very hard to deny that this can become one of the best football boots of all time.


Best Football Boots Of All Time | Top 10
Nike Hypervenom


Best Football Boots Of All Time | Top 10
Nike Hypervenom

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