Best Football Boots Of All Time | Top 10

18 August 2014


Puma V1.06

Everybody should try out the Puma V1.06, the boot who entered the soccer world during the 2006 World Cup.

For that time, when everybody was looking for a boot who could increase your power during every move, this particular shoe changed the way boots will be.

The 2006 model from Puma, V 1.06 was created to change the entire market of soccer shoes and to fulfill the need for lighter shoes.

So for that year, the Puma V1.06 was the lightest shoe ever made, after it the weight being lower and lower because all of the new materials created in the past years.

The today version of the shoe Puma V1.11 is lighter and a little bit more aerodynamic but it is the same model.

For that time, like every brand on the market, the boot was launched by an iconic wearer, this model being first worn by Samuel Eto’o.

To the list of wearers we can remember Peter Crouch , Emmanuel Eboue, Ivorian Yaya Toure and Mauro Camoranesi the Italian midfielder.

So this was a step higher for Puma, for the industry of soccer boots and for players because this boot was created to be lighter, faster helping the footballer to have speed in any movement that he makes.

So guys if you like this model you should definitely try it because it is still fast and comfortable, but you can also try the new model who will give you the same feeling but more intense.

Best Football Boots Of All Time | Top 10
Puma V1.11


Best Football Boots Of All Time | Top 10
Puma V1.06

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