Best Hippie Destinations in the World

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Best Hippie Destinations in the World | Top 10

I’m going to guide you today through the best hippie destinations in the world.

The hippie was originally a youth movement that hit the United Stated in the mid 60s and then spread quickly to the other countries as well.

But I think we’re all familiar of the old dreamy hippies of the golden days with beautiful long hair, soaking up the sun and singing and playing the guitar at night around a warming fire.

Well, one way or another, those hippies still exist and yearn to those glory days of the hippie movement around the world.

Let’s see which are the nowadays places where you can find them!

10.Ibiza, Spain

The first stop you have to do is at Ibiza, Spain.

Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and it probably the most well known party destination in the world, being visited by over four million tourists every year.

But what many don’t know is that Ibiza used to be the favorite spot of all European hippies in the 60’s.

It is definitely not a cheap place, but the walking trails and all the other secret places of the island make it totally worthy.

And don’t even get me started on the raves. Just take into consideration that Ibiza was the birthplace of raves, so you can imagine the insane rave parties that happens here!

10.Ibiza, Spain | Best Hippie Destinations in the World | Image Source:
10.Ibiza, Spain | Best Hippie Destinations in the World | Image Source:
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