Best Luxury Restaurants In Florence | Top 10

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Best Luxury Restaurants In Florence | Top 10

In the place that is renowned for its amazing food and fine wine, food is taken at another level. These are the Best Luxury Restaurants In Florence | Top 10.

The chic and elegant Florence was always the place where artist and intellectuals chose to live their fine lives.

It was home to the powerful Medici family, to Michelangelo and for a period of time to Da Vinci.

And today, it is still surrendered by that artistic atmosphere.

Here are the finest places where you can enjoy a gastronomic experience:

10La Pentola dell’Oro

The Florentine culture opening up in front of your eyes and well, taste buds.

With recipes dating back to the Middle Ages, this simple looking restaurant puts accent on good taste.

It I located in Florence’s historical centre, so there are plenty of chances you will be eating next to an important person in Florence’s society.

The chef that cooks these amazing medieval and Renaissance tuscan recipes is Giuseppe Alessi and besides creating and preparing the dishes he also loves answering your questions and explaining the process.

They also have a quite impressive list of wines, so you make sure you try one of them. Try it with their special rabbit that melts in your mouth or one of their various pasta dishes.


Best Luxury Restaurants In Florence Top 10 - La Pentola dell'Oro
Best Luxury Restaurants In Florence Top 10 – La Pentola dell’Oro
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