10 Best Restaurants In Los Angeles

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10 Best Restaurants In Los Angeles

From hip restaurants, to luxurious ones, the city of angels has amazing dining spots!

And today we are going to see which are the best restaurants in Los Angeles!

If you want to go out with your friends and enjoy a busy and exciting place, LA has that. If you want to keep it romantic and luxuriously dine with your loved one, you guessed it, LA has that as well.

There are plenty of restaurants for anyone’s taste, and they will offer you a top-class experience and some ridiculously-delicious dishes!

So let have a look at LA’s best restaurants!

10.Red Medicine

The first restaurant we are talking about is Red Medicine.

The restaurant has gone through some massive changes, and even though the Vietnamese theme is gone, the restaurant’s vibe is still Wow.

Chef Jordan Kahn has given up on his original idea, but he still kept his flavoured combinations and interesting platings.

One of the most exciting chefs in town, Kahn will surprise you with trout roe and lemon curd, served in a glass bowl that looks like a fish-bowl, or the Dungeness crab, seasoned with an emulsion made from its shell, wrapped in lettuce, grilled over charcoal, with fermented garlic paste, passion fruit and spicy herbs.

Doesn’t it sound amazing? Give it a try!

10 Best Restaurants In Los Angeles - Red Medicine
10 Best Restaurants In Los Angeles – Red Medicine
10 Best Restaurants In Los Angeles - Red Medicine
10 Best Restaurants In Los Angeles – Red Medicine

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