This Black Velvet-Wrapped Maserati is the Perfect Ride for the Royalty

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This Black Velvet-Wrapped Maserati is the Ride Fit for A King

We just can’t believe that a black velvet-wrapped Maserati exists and someone drives it, because it is soooo good looking!

This car is pure insane but somehow it feels the perfect ride for a king! I could see a king driving this Maserati, hell even a normal person will feel like a king when driving this beauty.

Because it is so extravagant makes us think about those chromed out rides from back in the days, when only few people could afford to drive that kind of cars.

But when you see it all, nothing really can surprise you, and then there is this black velvet-wrapped Maserati, a car with a ‘different’ paint job.

Yes, it is actually ‘painted’ in velvet, that material that is so soft and when you touch it seems to change its color.

It seems that now, this is the latest car fad after we’ve got matte paint job and gold-plated cars.

It kind of looks like it belongs in those James Bond film, it’s just so simple and elegant.

But we can’t help but wonder, what would happen if say, you drive it and suddenly starts raining? Because velvet is a material and materials get wet.

There is apparently a company that fixes that kind of problems. Called Velvet Cars it specializes in velvet wrap and they say velvet is as easy to clean as any other material; pressure jet seems to work on it too.

This Black Velvet-Wrapped Maserati is the Ride Fit for A King
This Black Velvet-Wrapped Maserati is the Ride Fit for A King

We’ve seen some other examples of velvet-wrapped cars like Ferrari 599, a Porsche Panamera, a Rolls-Royce Phantom DHC, but not a Maserati.

And they say that money can’t buy taste. This is a definitive proof that it can!

The fabric is offset by satin gold trim, but the rest of the bright work, including the grille, window frames, and wheels appear to have been blacked out.

The Maserati cars where once synonym with the exotic, but now are becoming more commonplace, that’s because new models like Ghibli sedan and Levante crossover are more affordable for the large public.

And because the cars are now so common, this owner decided to make his/hers ride more unique and wrapped it in black velvet and the results are absolutely stunning!

This Black Velvet-Wrapped Maserati is the Ride Fit for A King
This Black Velvet-Wrapped Maserati is the Ride Fit for A King


It is not uncommon to see velvet in clothing designs, but in the automobile world the velour wrap is still something of a rarity compared with the old, more common matte or chrome treatments.

If you ever decide to wrap your car in velvet, red or black, make sure you don’t forget about the details and don’t leave it in the humid place.

Check out our list of the most expensive cars! Leave your opinions about this beautiful Maserati in the comments below! Thank you for reading it!

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