10 Celebrities With Money Problems

5 August 2014

10 Celebrities With Money Problems

Have you ever imagined that even the richest celebrities have money problems?

They do, and because of lawsuits or spending too much money just because they think they can afford it, they often declare bankruptcy.

Today we are going to see just 10 of the celebrities with money problems, but the list can go on and on, as many of them are known to have debts.

And some names might surprise you quite a lot.

So stay tuned and let’s see which are the celebrities with the worst financial problems!

1.Toni Braxton

The first on our list is singer Toni Braxton.

The singer filled for bankruptcy twice, the first time being in 1998, when she claimed she just loved home décor shopping :

“I love dishes and house things, so I kind of lost it a little on housewares.”

The second time Braxton filed for bankruptcy protection was in 2010, and was reported to owe around $50 million to companies including AT&T, Tiffany, and the Four Seasons. She also faced liens from the IRS for unpaid taxes.

To top all that, Toni was accused of bankruptcy fraud, her transfering more than $53.000 to her estranged husband in order to avoid paying creditors back.

10 Celebrities With Money Problems - Toni Braxton
10 Celebrities With Money Problems – Toni Braxton

He was close to going to jail ->

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