A Strange Cup of Coffee Above the City | Secrets of Eva

18 March 2015

For those of you who have no idea where they arrived, if you want any of this to make sense, start with me from the beginning.

As soon as I launched the challenge I knew I had to get out of there, away from him because my heart was shivering and I couldn’t possibly allow myself to make any mistake at that point.

I stood up and went straight to the bathroom, I had to wash the sin from my skin, the vicious filth that spread across my body earlier. I shut the door and locked it straight ahead as soon as I entered the bathroom. I was so ravished from those stupid seven words that were playing over and over again in my head: “Your little rockstar is looking for you”.

I couldn’t even enjoy the splendor of the room lying at my feet. I walked straight towards the porcelain tub with golden lion paw feet near the floor-to-ceiling windows, turned on the hot water and collapsed on the black marble floor.

I may have taken control earlier, but he was an old-time player and you could tell that from how with just one silly sentence he made a complete mess out of me. He knew damn well I loved my James Dean with all my heart and he was going to exploit that as much as he could.

I realized that was my only weakness and that I had to burry it deep inside of me if I wanted to survive. But now that he opened that door I couldn’t help but think about what my James Dean’s blue eyes were looking at in that moment, how I came like a storm into his life and left a war inside his head, how I’m sure he was asking himself every night when he passed out drunk as f*ck if I’m ever coming back. Oh, my love, what have I done to you? What have I done to us?

But I had to stop. I had to consume every thought I had about him right there and then, in that tub filled with hot water and never think about him again. I did what I had to do. I had to escape that Hell, my soul was slowly dying…now it was only asleep and I could’ve better lived with that.

I got into the tub, determined to wash away not only the sin that intoxicated me earlier, but also James Dean’s Eva. I had to transpose myself into a new person, a new person that could’ve looked anybody in the eyes while she made them suffer and not feel a thing. A person that will fall in love only with the material stuff, only with luxury and expensive taste.

A Strange Cup of Coffee Above the City | Secrets of EvaAfter washing away all the thoughts that were killing me I went straight to bed. I hadn’t sleep in a long time and my body was slowly shutting down. And I have to say, for a tormented soul I slept pretty damn well. Maybe it was the silk sheets, maybe the soft pillows you immersed into as soon as you laid your head on, or maybe just the new fresh smell of money surrounding me. I don’t know what it was, but it was everything I needed at that moment in order to regain my strength.

I woke up the next day at about ten o’clock in the morning with the rays of sun bathing my skin. Oh, how that feeling of waking up above the city made everything make sense. It was no wonder these people run the world when they walk up like this with the entire city at their feet. It does something to your ego, it turns it on fire.

But David wasn’t there. The sheets were ice cold on his side of the bed, he was missing for a while. I got out of bed, took a deep breath of the view and went looking for my new man, a cup of coffee overlooking the world was mandatory. He was nowhere to be found and I was almost ready to surrender when I heard some noise coming from the terrace.

I went right away to see what’s going on and when I opened the doors leading to the huge balcony I couldn’t believe what was happening before my eyes. I couldn’t even take a step further, my mouth opened and my body froze.

My David, dressed in a bright white robe, was lying on a lounge chair, pouring some fine cognac in his cup of coffee and listening to the world’s news…from a naked lady. I couldn’t f*cking believe it, a gorgeous woman with cinnamon skin and chocolate hair was sitting on a chair right next to him and was reading the newspaper for him, completely naked.

She stopped and gave me a shocked look when I stepped into the terrace. I really don’t think she was used to other company than David’s. I eventually managed to get a grip on myself and say some words out loud:

What the Hell’s going on? 

Oh, this is me having coffee. And unless you wanna do what she’s doing,, I suggest you have some coffee, sit down and listen to the lady.

What more could I have possibly said? And as crazy as it sounds all I was thinking was: I could get used to this. But I sure needed some alcohol for all that, so I basically had a cup of cognac with a few drops of coffee and it turned out to be a Hell out of a news report. My oh my, all these years walking the city’s streets and not even imagining what happens 15 floors higher, what a madness. I laughed in my head and inhaled the fresh air, enjoying the first morning in my life as a wealthy woman.

As soon as the exotic babe finished reading the newspaper she got up and left the penthouse without even saying a word. And David explained it to me: he didn’t like to be disturbed in the morning, she was there only to give him the news about what’s happening in the world. The radio is history, but a human radio with that pair of breasts makes him really pay attention to the stories. She was just an object and what struck me even more was the fact that the lady was well aware of that and accepted her state of human object for a probably pretty good sum of money.

David proved it to me once again: they don’t just buy things, they buy people and turn them into objects.

I didn’t even finish the string of thoughts in my head as he told me to prepare myself, to go out and buy everything that crosses my mind. He had a surprise for me and he was going to take me out for what he said to be “the night of my life”. I asked him what was all that about and of course, with just one sentence he left me in complete darkness and mixed emotions:

I’m going to show you the most perverted things you didn’t even know existed.

So if you want to find out my next move, here’s Part Six.