For $19.5 Million You Can Have this Montana Ranch at a Rich Private Ski Club

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Do you need a luxury retreat from city life? Elk Horn Ranch could indeed be a great choice. Pay $19.5 million for a large six bedroom main house with horse riding facilities, at a private ski club.

Elk Horn Ranch is a 160-acre ranch on the western edge of the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana.

The property includes a 6,500 square foot main residence with an eight stable horse barn, equestrian facilities, and a caretaker’s house.

The owner of the ranch is Burt Sugarman — movie producer well-known for the production of The Midnight Special TV show.

Short while ago, he listed his elegant property for a hefty $19.5 million.

Sugarman who is also married to the popular TV personality, Mary Hart, has owned 27 properties in the Club.

Elk Horn Ranch
House is built from wood and stone which creates majestic beauty. | Image source:

However, he has recently been selling his properties except three of them, and Elk Horn Ranch is his largest remaining plot.

Elk Horn Ranch
Comfortable rustic style interiors | Image source:

There are in fact just a handful of pieces of land in such huge size, in the Yellowstone Club.

Elk Horn Ranch
Once a member of the club, you can access world-class skiable area. | Image source:

On top of that is the location of Elk Horn Ranch within the Yellowstone Club which is incredible.

Elk Horn Ranch
Comfortable wooden style interiors | Image source:

for example, Sugarman’s ranch is one of the few to have direct access to Yellowstone National Park.

Elk Horn Ranch
The location of the ranch within the Club is indeed unique. | Image source:

Wood and Stone Main House with Stunning Mountain Landscape

Brilliantly made of log and stone, The buildings combine rustic elegance with dramatic scenery.

Elk Horn Ranch
Just nearby, there is a private ski club and a golf course. | Image source:

While you get out of the garage, a snow melting walkway leads you to the front entrance into a large living room.

Elk Horn Ranch
Cozy decor, vaulted ceilings, not to mention the impressive fireplace! | Image source:

The grandiose rustic design, together with the double-height ceilings and splendid views of Lone Park to the north, beg for attention.

Elk Horn Ranch
Living room has a fireplace, dining area, and an office. | Image source:

The living room opens to a big deck, which makes for an ultimate summer party space.

Elk Horn Ranch
Brilliant wooden design together with the double-height ceilings and splendid views draw attention. | Image source:

The main house has six cozy bedrooms all of which boast wonderful lookouts.

Elk Horn Ranch
Comfortable rustic style bedrooms | Image source:

In the rooms, the magnificent views of the golf course and the ski resorts create a lovely home atmosphere.

Elk Horn Ranch
Besides comfort, the rooms offer fantastic view. | Image source:

A Member of the Yellowstone Club

Despite all those beautiful houses and grounds, it’s the unique setting beside Rocky Mountains which makes the property stand out.

Elk Horn Ranch
The property boasts magnificent scenery | Image source:

Still, the best thing about the ranch is its connection with the low-key luxury travel destination, the Yellowstone Club.

Elk Horn Ranch
There are in fact few parcels of such huge size in the Yellowstone Club. | Image source:

Not just anyone can join the Yellowstone Club. Its condos start at $5 million, and its family homes around $6 million.

Elk Horn Ranch
In total, there are 4 buildings on the property. | Image source:

The initial fee to join the world’s only private ski and golf community is $350,000. Don’t forget $40,000 a year for membership dues.

Elk Horn Ranch
Cozy bedroom with stone wall. | Image source:

Once a member of the club, you can access 2200 acres of a world-class ski area, plus an 8-hole mountain golf course.

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