Epic Rooftop Home Office in NYC Makes You Hate Yours!

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Epic Rooftop Home Office in NYC Makes You Hate Yours!

Unless you work in a really cool company that has piles of money to develop a creative environment for work, your office is probably a little boring.

The beauty in working from home is that you have complete freedom in how you design your work space to better fit your needs, get to “go to work” in casual wear and you’re always just a few feet away from the fridge.

On the opposite side of things, working from home can be quite distracting and demands an incredibly focused work ethic.

If you can get those two right, you’ve got an amazing job, my dear Aluxer.

In the case of this Greenwich Village townhouse your environment couldn’t be better. Designed by BW Architects the place was remodeled recently.

Let’s take a look at the place and go our way up to the rooftop!

epic rooftop home office nyc 12
epic rooftop home office nyc 10
epic rooftop home office nyc 6

The place was originally constructed back in 1840s and covers over 4,000 square feet . The aim of the project was to blend the old and the new into a sophisticated  household. The attention to detail and industrial elements creates the perfect equilibrium between the past and the present.

epic rooftop home office nyc 11
epic rooftop home office nyc 5

Now imagine yourself working from home and living here Aluxer. You wake up, have freshly brewed coffee in this amazing kitchen then head up these stairs to start your productive day!

epic rooftop home office nyc 3

As you go up the stairs and think about everything you will be busy creating today, you take the time to look down the stairs and smile. You are lucky!

epic rooftop home office nyc 4

You finally reach the best part of the house -in our humble opinion- the rooftop. Here you’ve carefully organized a minimalist desk with everything you need to get the most done today. But first, you take a step outside and inhale some fresh air, look at the sky and get inspired by all the beauty that surrounds you!

epic rooftop home office nyc 8

After that, you get busy and be the best person you can be at your job! Congratulations you are done! Everything seems to come together as you finish.

epic rooftop home office nyc 7

With your job completed you decide to call it a day and spend some time with your loved ones!

epic rooftop home office nyc 13

I hope you loved the place as much as we did. Hopefully this will inspire you to organize your workplace and add a personal touch to it!

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