How To Keep An Organized Office

8 March 2014

How To Keep An Organized Office

Take a look at our tips in our latest interior design article: How To Keep An Organized Office.

If you’re having some problems with the way your office looks like in matter of space and aspect, try these some of our tips before thinking of redecorating entirely. All it takes is a little bit more space, some decor items and a whole lot of creativity to arrange them.

How To Keep An Organized Office
Wall Planner (left), Storage Space (right)

Here’s some tips on how to keep an organized office and get the creative flow going!

Create a common room for storage

There’s only so much one can put in separate folders, that’s why a storage room is definitely needed in any office because the archive must be very organized, the documents need to be safe and the separate workspace is a whole lot cleaner. When offices tend to weight too much stuff around, people tend to lose their thoughts, work on many things at once and get easily distracted. Always remember that less is more even if we’re only talking about how to keep an organized office.

How To Keep An Organized Office
Common Workspace (left), Inspiration Board (right)

Create a common room for creativity, team building & training sessions

It can be a corner or a wall dedicated only to creative ideas that are important in the projects on-going or even future ones. A place where post-its, stickers, inspiring photography, hilarious jokes, typography and drawings have their own personal space.

Even though an empty room is not necessarily needed, it’s very useful to creative and strategic planning. It’s the place where ideas are born and where people working in a team connect. This is probably one of the simplest ways to keep your team bonding, learning and working in the same time. A common room like this is more suitable for team buildings  and training sessions because it’s a comfortable, non-formal space.

How To Keep An Organized Office
Creativity Space (left), Inspiration Wall (right)

Add shelves and wall boards

Creativity can’t only be born in groups and in separate rooms, it comes whenever, wherever. So, in order to not lose important ideas and still have an organized office is the keep some shelves or a board above your desk. The shelves are for storage when it comes to books, notebooks, pens, catalogs and other things that are always on your desk but can easily be put a little above in order to not disturb your daily work until you’ll need those items. The board is once again for ideas, for post-its, calendar and meetings.

It’s much better to keep on your desk and in your visual sight only the things you’re working on and the things you need to focus on at the moment.

How To Keep An Organized Office
Storage Room (left), Common Workspace (right)

How do you keep your office organized? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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