Essential Summer Shoes For Men 2013

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Essential Summer Shoes For Men 2013

It’s hot. It’s sunny. It’s humid. It’s summer. I understand the temptation to wear flip flops, sandals and, dare I say, crocs. But don’t succumb to the temptation. This summer, step up your shoe game with these five essential summer shoes for men.

Let’s Find What Are The Essential Summer Shoes For Men 2013


Let’s start with the canvas: a shoe that’s great for you as you’re on the go These can be worn on a daily basis. Get a simple black, grey or navy pair that’ll go great with jeans or chinos.

Essential Summer Shoes for Men Vans Canvas Shoes

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Our next shoe of the summer is the plimsoll. They’re simple, stylish and a brilliant addition to your summer wardrobe. These are especially perfect for an outing during the day.

Essential Summer Shoes for Men Plimsolls

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Dessert Boots

It’s festival season again. Time for you to head to all your favorite concerts and see your favorite artists. The shoe that’s absolutely great for an event like this is the dessert boot. They are made out of suede material and have rubber soles so they are quite comfortable, which is something you’ll need after standing and dancing for that long.

Essential Summer Shoes for Men Dessert Boot

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Chukka Boots

With summer also comes traveling. I for one like to wear a pair of shoes that are slick yet comfortable. Chukka boots satisfy the criteria. They can be used whether you dress up or dress down. They also come in various colors. I would suggest a dessert, tan or white as all the colors are ideal for the season.

Essential Summer Shoes for Men Chukka Boots

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Black laced up oxfords should be a staple to every man’s closet. This summer, that fact doesn’t change a bit. These shoes are excellent when it comes to the office as they are when it comes to the club. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of detail with the popular style of wing tips.

Essential Summer Shoes for Men Oxford

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