6 Excuses Stopping You From Being Great

5 October 2014


  You couldn’t be further from the truth. The media always likes to showcase the triumphs and the end results, it doesn’t care about the journey, the time, the sweat, the sleepless nights and sacrifices one makes to get there.

  But yet there you are probably sitting in front of the TV listening to how somebody just made a fortune. You are envious of the result and to some degree you find it unfair thinking there isn’t much of a difference between him and you, but while you’re watching the news, Ealuxers make them.

The same thing happens everyday. While you’re busy doing one thing, successful people do the opposite and it just seems to work in their favor.

Nobody is going to give it to you, whatever the “it” is in your case, you have to get off the couch and get it yourself!

“Overnight success” takes at least 7 years to achieve so get busy and don’t stop until you get it. If you don’t have it, you don’t want it badly enough!

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