15 Most Expensive Air Jordans Ever Sold

5 August 2016

How much are you willing to pay to get your hands (or feet) on a pair of sneakers? These expensive Air Jordans will blow your mind.

In 1984, Michael Jordan received the opportunity from the American multinational corporation, Nike, to create his own sneaker line. Named after him, the Air Jordan set a whole fashion trend. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the sneakers end up as these expensive Air Jordans.

The brand does not just set a trend in both fashion and sport. It has also been Michael’s source of wealth. Even after his retirement, he is still one of the richest athletes in the world.

Air Jordan I is the first model from this line. And here we are, 30 years later, the sneakers continue to sell out. The first Air Jordan was designed by Peter Moore, who created an awesome pair with even more awesome logo.

We picked out fifteen most expensive pair of Air Jordans ever sold. These are not just pair of shoes, but they are parts of basketball history. Let’s get straight to business!

15. Kobe Bryant’s All Black Jordan – $8,000

15 Most Expensive Air Jordans Ever Sold | #15. Kobe Bryant's All Black Jordan - $8,000
15 Most Expensive Air Jordans Ever Sold | #15. Kobe Bryant’s All Black Jordan – $8,000 | source: footwearnews.com

We start it off with a story from just a few months ago. Earlier this year, Michael Jordan gave Kobe Bryant two complete sets of Air Jordan. One is all black and the other is all white.

Each set has all Air Jordan editions, from 1985 Air Jordan I to 2016 Air Jordan XXX. That means 30 pairs of shoes each. All of them feature some hints of LA Lakers’ colors on top of the monochrome scheme.

So, Kobe decided to keep the all-white set and sell the all-black one for the benefit of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. It was sold fast on eBay. The whole all-black set was sold at $240,100, giving the approximate worth of $8,000 for each pair.

Then, just a few weeks after that outstanding auction, Air Jordan released its latest edition, the Air Jordan XXXI.

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