10 Expensive Art Pieces So Simple that a Child Could Have Made

27 November 2015

10 Expensive Art Pieces a Child Could Have Made

These are some expensive art pieces a child could have made!

The concept of art has changed a lot in the last century. From the complicated pieces of Picasso or Van Gogh, we’ve ended up with some of the most minimalist forms of art.

While some look good, others seem like a child could have made.

From the great complicated things, with more meaning we’ve ended up with art that doesn’t require much work.

But that art is also pricey. If it is done in a minimalist way, doesn’t mean people won’t buy it. Hell, we are in the era of minimalist everything, so why not art be one of those things.

Remember that once a woman spent a lot of money on an invisible art work? Well, things aren’t quite different here too. In this list, we will introduce you to the most simple art pieces, so simple anyone could have done.

10. Spiegel blutrot (Mirror, Blood Red) by Gerhard Richter priced at $1.3 Million

The artist Gerhard Richter who was born in 1932, has broken his own record for the highest auction price for a painting by a living artist, third times.

He first broke the record in 2012 when a painting of his, named Abstraktes Bild sold for $34 million.

Then in 2013, he broke his record again when Domplatz, Mailand (Cathedral square, Milan) sold for $37.1 million.

After that, in February 2015, the German artist broke once again his record when Abstraktes Bild sold for $44.5 million. Richter’s glass paintings have not sold too badly either.

Two of his Spiegel blutrot (Mirror, Blood Red) paintings each sold for $1.3 million.

The one featured was sold at Sotheby’s New York on May 12, 2009 after a very similar one had been purchased on November 11, 2008.

10 Expensive Art Pieces a Child Could Have Made
10 Expensive Art Pieces  a Child Could Have Made |via: mutualart.com|

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