Most Expensive Dollhouses in the World

5 December 2014

Most Expensive Dollhouses in the World | TOP 10

Were you looking for the most expensive dollhouses in the world? Then you should really read the following info.

If you are the kind of person that invests in a collectible doll, you most likely want to consider investing in some of the most expensive dollhouses.

We no longer associate toys with children, because we’ve seen how that turned out (toys designed for the kids end up in the collections of the adults).

But the dollhouses were originally intended for adults and only children with privilege, serving as an educational and social role.

Today, there are a significant number of collectors that would really want to buy these dollhouses.

N10. Sara Rothe Dollhouse – $12,000

Most Expensive Dollhouses in the World N10. Sara Rothe Dollhouse – $12,000
Most Expensive Dollhouses in the World N10. Sara Rothe Dollhouse – $12,000 |via: Wikimedia.org|

This girl, Sara Rothe was an 18th century art collector from the Northern Netherlands. She is famous for being the owner of two dollhouses.

One of them is now displayed in the Netherlands at the Frans Hals Museum and the other at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

Sara Rothé was a dollhouse owner who spent most of her time on decorating and showing her cabinet.

The two dollhouses were probably inspired by her house in Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 474, and her summer home.

The dollhouses had a fancy interior. At this particular one the dining room was stocked with every kitchen gadget from knives to forks and plates, all from pure silver.

The library of the miniature house was stacked as well. It had miniature-sized books and on the walls of the house actual miniature paintings done by real artists were hanged.

The dollhouse valued at $12,000 is on display at the Netherlands Frans Hals Museum in Harleem.
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