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Most Expensive Electric Cars

What do you think billionaires that care about the environment could drive? These are the Most Expensive Electric Cars.

People are talking more and more about starting to buy electric cars, a more enviroment friendly product. But when you think about such a car, you imagine a strange looking car with nothing luxurious about it.

And of course, the rich won’t buy any car they see. So, they made some really fancy types of electric cars that would please any taste. And yes, they come with huge price tags.

Let’s take a ride with the Most Expensive Electric Cars:

5. Lightening GT – $239,400

The Lightning GT is a battery-electric sports car under development by the Lightning Car Company.

They say that it was created  to make the owners simply feel special with gracious yet strong lines from every angle, even the rear where many designs can lose the car’s personality.

The project was initially launched to the public in July 2008 at the London Motor Show, with deliveries expected in 2009, but sales to the public have been put back to 2013.

From their site, we find out that for 2014/15 they are producing just 50 cars, hand built in Coventry, each one bespoke to owners requirements.

Most Expensive Electric Cars - Lightning GT
Most Expensive Electric Cars – Lightning GT
Most Expensive Electric Cars - Lightning GT
Most Expensive Electric Cars – Lightning GT


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