The Most Expensive Jewelry owned by Elizabeth Taylor

17 December 2016

Christie’s auction house collected a whopping $156 million of total sale from Elizabeth Taylor Collection. Let’s find out which piece was sold as the most expensive jewelry.

Even upon her passing, Elizabeth Taylor’s name is still pretty much alive in the entertainment industry. But that is not the only thing she left behind. These most expensive jewelries from Elizabeth Taylor Collection are some of her most expensive legacies.

As you keep reading through this list, you will learn that Elizabeth Taylor was not just one of the popular widows but also a luxury jewelry enthusiast. It is not just day-to-day jewelry sold at jewelry store. She collected some of the most expensive in the world.

However, one of her ex-husbands (yes, she had more than one) was responsible for her luxury jewelry possession. Richard Burton showered her with gifts to represent his love to her. Those gifts became Liz’s collection of stunning pieces of jewelry. After she passed away, her entire collection hit Christie’s for a special landmark auction in New York, 2011.

Every single item from Elizabeth Taylor Collection was sold. Some of them even went way beyond their estimated price and value. And we have the top fifteen list right here just for you. So, let’s get the countdown started!

15. Emerald and Diamond Flower Brooch ($1.5 million)

15 Most Expensive Jewelry Sold from Elizabeth Taylor Collection | #15. Emerald and Diamond Flower Brooch ($1.5 million)
15 Most Expensive Jewelry Sold from Elizabeth Taylor Collection | #15. Emerald and Diamond Flower Brooch ($1.5 million) | source: abc.net.au

We start things off already with a million-dollar worth of jewelry. However, this emerald and diamond flower brooch is actually only worth around $200,000 to $300,000, as Christie’s estimated.

Even though it is a brooch, Elizabeth Taylor used to wear it as a tiara, as you can see from the picture above. The Emerald Suite of jewelry by Bulgari that she had, including those ear pendants, really complemented the brooch. Or it worked the other way around.

Like the Emerald Suite, it was also designed by Bulgari and made in 1960. As it hit Christie’s that night in 2011, an anonymous buyer bid for $1,538,500 and took it home.

The brooch is mounted en tremblant, which means that it trembles as you move. It was designed as a sprat of variously-shaped diamond flower blossoms. And they are set with oval-cut emerald pistils and petals. The stems are made of baguette-cut diamonds which are mounted in platinum.

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