The Fall of the Trophy Wife and the Rise of the Power Couple

2 April 2015

How Society is shifting from “Trophy Wife” to “Power Couple”

Once upon a time a true emblem of success among men was showing up at social gatherings with a much younger, slightly brainless, eye-candy woman, who was supposed just to sit there, smile and spark the envy of everyone in the room, since you were the one sharing a bed with her every night.

Although society hasn’t changed that much and beauty still opens doors as we are still prone to judge a book by its cover, in recent times we have seen a small shift. Successful men are slowly moving away from the traditional “trophy wife” searching for more than looks in their partners, searching for status.

A really strong man wants someone who is equal to him both in social status and earning power. Choosing a passive, servant-like partner, is regarded as a big red flag of insecurity and it’s looked down upon by truly successful individuals.

Women are no longer seen as objects or possessions and we have living proof of that in the recent feminist movements and although we’re not completely living in a equally world from a sex perspective, we are rapidly closing the gap.

Intelligent, educated and successful women are the ones that spark the most interest from men of the same caliber, as “Brains” have become the new beauty.

From a social phenomenon, the young men in their 20s and 30s take great pride in not being the sole providers and decision makers within the household and look for growth opportunities together with their spouses. Women that are well educated and financially independent tend to be a lot more confident in themselves and are not afraid to intimidate anyone that has old views on gender equality.

Those that do manage to be equally successful are now regarded as “Power Couples” and we’re seeing more and more of them.

Incorrectly called by the HuffingtonPost as “the new trophy wife” we’re not seeing the same dynamic as before, men are not substituting one with the other, but embracing the rise of the “alpha woman”, perfectly explaining why the peak male performers are continuously on the look out for someone worthy to share the throne with.

The rise of the Power Couple has been more visible among celebrities and highly successful individuals: Starting with the marriage between famed actor George Clooney to lawyer, author and human rights activist Amal Alamuddin Clooney, perpetuated by the dominance of the strongest couple in the music industry: Shawn (Jay Z) & Beyonce Carter and ending with the marriage between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his robot scientist wife Tasha McCauley.

If before we used to say that behind every man there’s his woman, we can confidently say that from now on they stand one by the side of the other and take great pride in that.

george clooney amal power couple ealuxe
Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney sharing the spotlight in Venice
jay z and beyonce power couple ealuxe
Jay Z and Beyonce Probably the strongest Media Power Couple at this moment.
oseph-gordon-levitt and tasha power couple ealuxe
CEO of Fellow Robots Tasha McCauley and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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What’s your take on the topic? Do you think Power Couples are overtaking the Trophy-Wife concept or is it just us? Let us know what you think and any examples you can think of in the comments bellow!