These Fifteen People are No Longer Famous

31 January 2017

Who says life will definitely get easier once you’ve become rich and famous? Take a look at these fifteen stories of famous people with regular jobs.

The thing about making a fortune is the struggle to maintain it. You would think that your dream life starts as soon the whole world know you. But fame can be dangerous. Use it too much, it may turn against you. Lose it, you may have to say goodbye to your dream life and go back to your regular jobs.

However, in some cases, some people made the decision to step out of the spotlight. They did that because they are tired of the popularity. And some others just simply want to try something new. Well, everybody has their own different reason.

Let see what happened to these fifteen people. Did they choose to leave the fame behind? Or did fame betray them and cost them their dream life?

For those who used to be famous and living large, going back to normal life can be very difficult. But these people manage to survive and enjoy their live after leaving (or being left by) the spotlight of fame. Or do they?

15. Paul Burchill

15 Famous People with Regular Jobs: What Happened? | #15. Paul Burchill
15 Famous People with Regular Jobs: What Happened? | #15. Paul Burchill | source: wwe.com

Paul Burchill is a retired English professional wrestler. He was one of the stars on WWE. Now, he is working as a firefighter at Jeffersontown. Well, at least he is putting his muscles to good use.

He started his wrestling career when he joined Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) in Britain back in 2001. Then, he trained for about a year before he made his debut appearance on TV in mid-2002. Since then, he stepped into the ring many times. He even went worldwide to wrestle before he signed a contract with WWE in 2005 and moved to United States.

Not wanting people to remember him as a wrestler, Paul decided to step down from WWE. His wish was granted in February 2010, when his contract with WWE was ended. It is not because he doesn’t like wrestling. He still loves the sport.

Even after his WWE-retirement, he wrestled in independent circuit while volunteering as a firefighter. That’s when he realized there is something else he loves to do and can make a living from. Besides working as a firefighter, Paul is also a certified paramedic for Yellow EMS in Louisville and a part of local department’s SWAT.

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