10 Female Features Men Like Best

23 July 2015

10 Female Features Men Like Best

We are going to present you ten female features men like best. In the past Ealuxe has made a list with male features females like best, so this time the roles are turned.

We are going to find out what are the best body features a male looks up in a female. What is the first thing you see in a woman?

And don’t come with eyes, and nice personality, because everyone knows that sh*t isn’t real.

Men tend to be a bit superficial, and always look for certain physical qualities in a potential female mate.

The physical qualities can be lips, wider hips, butt and so on. Even if we women don’t realize sometimes, guys like what we might hate.

Here are ten features that men like best about a woman, that you girl didn’t even think about. Sometimes, the way to a man’s heart is beyond the typical cleavage and tight jeans. Let’s see them!

#10 Feet

For many of us, both men and women feet don’t come up right away when you are asked to define a sexy feature. However, there are many that believe feet are sexy.

Woman’s feet are usually among the top ten lists of body parts men like about women. For many men, feet can be a turn on.

Seeing a woman in heels or with their toes painted a cute, vibrant color can really get some men going.

Small, slim ankles are also apparently appealing and the fact that woman’s feet are so much smaller than men’s are also factors in the allure of a woman’s feet.

10 Female Features Men Like Best
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