10 Reasons to ALWAYS Fly First Class

14 September 2020

Here Are 10 Convenient Luxuries Experienced Exclusively by the First Class Passengers

Flying these days is most unglamorous and even more so with the latest must-have accessory, the face mask!

Our flights are a far cry from the high-class flying people experienced during the 60s and 70s! Luckily, there is a way to rekindle the golden age of those flying days!

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s board our first-class flight to anywhere… and experience first-hand why you should ALWAYS fly first class!

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If you’re all about the first class video content, here’s all of these points narrated in our YouTube video:

With this provided, let’s fly straight into the first reason why you should always book first class flights.


You Arrive Well-Rested and Refreshed

Have you ever waited to collect someone from the airport and observed the people leaving the luggage collection depot? There is a stark difference between those that flew first-class and those that didn’t.

First-class flyers look like they’ve had a great night’s sleep and are ready to tackle whatever the world throws at them. Economy passengers look shattered, rumpled, red-eyed and majorly irritated! Tantrums are being thrown, and not by children and you know it’s going to take a day or two before they feel a semblance of their former selves!

Aluxers, not enough can be said about arriving at your destination feeling awake. It means you can start your vacation immediately and not waste anytime trying to catch up on sleep. Many first-class beds will rival the best hotels, and some even offer double beds, so joining the mile-high club will be a far more enjoyable and manageable experience. So, do make use of your “Do Not Disturb” sign.


Dealing With Low Budget Flyers Is Not Your Problem

We’re certain you have a story or two to share with us about truly awful passengers you’ve had to deal with on a flight.

Fly first-class, and you won’t need to worry about crying babies, kids running up and down the aisle, people getting it on right next to you, dirty toes poking through the gap in your seat, movie screens not working, long hair being flipped over your screen and the most annoying… someone flipping their seat so far back, your laptop is officially poked!

We can go on Aluxers, but we’d rather hear about your experiences a little later!

Oh, and on a side note, just because someone can afford to fly first-class, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll behave any better. For example, Gerard Depardieu consumed several bottles of wine on a flight and when flight attendants told him he’d have to wait to use the bathroom, he tried to urinate into an empty wine bottle…. Classy… and Conrad Hilton had a boozy walk up and down economy class one year, calling everyone peasants.

The difference is, it’s less likely these incidents occur in first-class.


You Board and Depart First

When you fly first-class, you are treated first-class. That means you are first to board the plane – which you wouldn’t mind, because you’re stepping into luxury, and you’re first to disembark. It’s all part of the first-class service.

Boarding early gives first-class passengers a calm environment to stow away their luggage properly, have something to eat and drink whilst waiting and get themselves settled before the “peasants” board the flight.

Aluxers, you know how it goes when you’re boarding. You’re standing in the narrow aisle, desperate to find your seat, people are squeezing past you, smacking you in the face with their luggage, they’re sitting in the wrong seats, they take your window seat… there is all sorts of stress there, which you avoid in first-class.

Disembarking first is another great reason to fly first-class, because you land up at immigration and customs before other passengers, saving you a great deal of time.

And another bonus, many first class and business class passengers get their luggage stored in a separate hold so it’s unloaded first,

As American golfer, Raymond Floyd said, “If you travel first class, you think first class and you are more likely to play first class.”


Bathrooms Are More Spacious

We can list a fair amount of issues that you could encounter in lavatories on planes! Foul odours, wet floors… we sincerely hope that’s just water, the terrible smelling hand soap, and the severe lack of space.

Flying first-class ensures you have a game-changing bathroom experience. You get high-end amenities, like gorgeous creams, high quality hand soap, perfumes, shaving cream – the works.

Many first-class bathrooms have a shower, they’re luxuriously fitted, they have TP that doesn’t scratch your nether regions and individual hand towels!

Of course, these are all airline specific, with some having more to offer than others.

Watch our video Top 10 MOST EXPENSIVE Private Jets in The World | 2020 to see more sky-high opulence.


You Can Actually Get Some Work Done!

Aluxers, in first-class – it’s so much easier to get a little work done.

The obvious is that you have far more space to set up your workstation. Have you ever dropped a mouse on the floor while flying economy? We can assure you, it’s not something you’d like to do twice!

You gain stress-free productivity time while working in first-class. Even more than you would at home, because your every need is catered for. Water? Still or Sparkling? Slice of lemon or cucumber?

Coffee, tea, snack… anything you need is brought to you, leaving you free to work uninterrupted!


Networking Is a Breeze

American comedian, Dov Davidoff, once said – “Flying first class means sitting next to a better class of person I don’t want to talk to.” Luckily, not everyone flying first-class has this outlook and there will be more opportunity to meet the right contacts in first-class, than in economy.

Unless the person flying in first-class got given a free ticket or was upgraded, it’s fair to say the flyer has bought his or her own ticket or their company has paid for it – either way – the person is successful.

Another great place to meet people and network is the airport lounges and waiting areas before the flight, and we can guarantee that when you’re flying first class, even these are fantastic as we’ll explore next!


You Have Access to the First-Class Lounges

Aluxers, if you think that most standard lounges at airports offer WiFi, comfortable seats, workstations, drinks, snacks and reading material, can you just imagine what the first-class lounges offer?

Expect shower rooms and wellness facilities – for example – Cathay Pacific have a meditation and yoga room at The Pier lounge in Hong Kong.

Many have a range of complimentary spa treatments available, places to have a small power nap, gyms, private restaurants, cigar bars, Jacuzzis, entire private bedrooms – which you need to book beforehand and sprawling views of the runway while you sip on your champagne cocktail… networking. ?

Each airline has their own special offering, like chauffeur pickups and collections from Air France, or the experience you’ll have at Etihad Residence lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport, where a butler does everything for you, including checking in. He’s all yours until you get the next butler when you board your flight!


Your Meals Will Be Recognizable, and You Won’t Have to Pay for Beverages

These days, many flights make you pay for everything. There is no such thing as a “free” bag of peanuts, or juice box… and the price of everything is sky-high!

When it comes to mealtime, you won’t be asked chicken or beef and you’ll certainly recognize the meal that you’re being served. You won’t be seated next to someone cramming the dinner roll into their purse, or the yoghurt into their carry on, and you’ll not be eating with plastic cutlery and out of polystyrene containers!

So, what kind of dining experience can you expect on your first-class flight?

A fine-dining experience is yours when flying first-class. Many airlines have their iconic dishes or have a celebrity chef creating the menu.

Here are just some of the delectable meals you can experience on first class:

  • Cathay Pacific: Mandarin Oriental Roast Chicken – each month they get an executive chef to prepare their first-class menus and this is an example of one month’s meal – roasted chicken breast with braised cannellini beans, chanterelles, and lemon confit.
  • Virgin Atlantic Upper Class: Afternoon Tea – here you will be treated like royalty when you enjoy a proper English tea. This includes cucumber sandwiches, little cakes, scones, jam and clotted cream and proper English tea.
  • Hawaiian Airlines First Class: Beef Kare Kare – A meal that you would expect from a 5-star restaurant is served 30,000-feet in the air. This was one of the first-class menu items on Hawaiian airlines – an oxtail stew with tripe and pork leg simmered in a cashew sauce with asparagus, roasted potatoes, and carrots.

Are you a foodie who has a special taste bud for fine dining? Here’s a list of the “Top 15 Most Expensive Foods in the World” to savour.


Extra Legroom

It’s a squash and a squeeze when you fly economy today, vastly different from how it was in the 1920s and 1930s. Then, seats were simply wicker chairs and thereafter, made from aluminium.

Seat pitch, the space from the back of one seat to the seat in front of it, is roughly 35-inches and some airlines have a mere 28-inches!

In first-class, this is not something you’ll need to concern yourself with – because you’ll have all the leg room you’ll need to be comfortable your entire flight.

Lufthansa’s First-Class seats have a pitch of 90 inches, and their seats are 31 inches in width. JAL has 33-inch seats with their pitch at 78,5 inches and first-class seats on an Air France A380-800 are quite big at 35 inches and the pitch at an impressive 81 inches.

It seems that size does count, after all.


You Get Treated Exceptionally Well

Aluxers, you don’t need to be a celebrity to be treated like one in first-class. Author, Sarah-Kate Lynch, summed it up perfectly when she said, ““The best thing about flying first class….was that you could be as nutty as a fruitcake and were still treated like the Queen of Sheba.”

Flying first class means you get more individualised attention. Flight attendants ensure you don’t just fly from point A to B, but that the entire trip is an experience of luxury, fine-dining and relaxation.

You’re referred to as Mr or Mrs so and so, and your every need is taken care of.

So, Aluxers, we’ll see you on-board your next flight. We’ll be in first-class, where will you be?


Have you ever flown first-class? What was the experience like for you? We love hearing from you Aluxers, get in touch!