The Forthcoming Dubai Complex Will Break Five World Records

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The Forthcoming Dubai Complex Will Break Five World Records

We all know how amazing Dubai is ! For example, this awesome place offers crazy things that can be seen only here.

And because Dubai is such an awesome place, it’s no surprise that the forthcoming Dubai complex will break five world records.

Dubai is on our luxury radars for quite some time and we were very pleased to present you the most luxurious mall in the world or the largest Apple store on Earth.

Now, on the year of 2015 the real estate developer Meydan has announced its plans to build the world’s most fascinating complex.

Here, we will be able to find at ” Meydan Onethe tallest residential building in the world, a 711 meter tower . The forthcoming Dubai complex called ” Meydan One “ will guest a total of 78.300 residents.Forthcoming Dubai Complex From Meydan Developer 1

But that’s no all and since we talk about Dubai, it’s normal that we should expect more from these outstanding people. You will also find here the most sky-high restaurant in the world ( located 675 meters above the ground ).

Also a five-star hotel with 350 guest rooms, a conference hub, 885 private residences, and  a 100-berth marina yacht club will be featured here.

The forthcoming Dubai complex will feature a mall 150-meter by 80-meter retractable roof. This retractable roof will be kept open during the winter to create an open-air shopping atmosphere.

Forthcoming Dubai Complex From Meydan Developer 2

The new commercial building will feature 300 cafes, kiosks and eateries and a large number of nightlife venues and retail shops.

This remarkable mall will also feature the largest dancing fountain ever made ( 420-meter-long ) placing the Burj Khalifa Lake’s 275-meter Dubai Fountain on number 2.

What do you know about indoor sky resorts ? Yes ! The longest indoor ski slope in the world – 640 meter stretch  – is currently located in the AlpinCenter in Bottrop, Germany.

Well, that will definitely chance, because the new indoor ski slope from the forthcoming Dubai complex will measure 1.2 kilometers. Amazing, no ?

Forthcoming Dubai Complex From Meydan Developer 3

The new commercial complex will also feature a 25.000 square feet arena which will be able to guest up to 8.000 people and it will be perfect for concerts, shows, sporting events and many more.

The outdoor area will feature  biking, walking, and running trails, soccer fields and a BMX park.

Forthcoming Dubai Complex From Meydan Developer 4

Other remarkable features of this project are a 300-meter beach, a “heritage village” and a a nine-kilometer boardwalk. These marvelous details already received positive feedback from the Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

” This development is a forward-thinking, interactive enterprise geared towards the Dubai of tomorrow. We have committed to developing a multi-use destination [that] goes beyond expectations and will cater to every person living and working [in Dubai], as well as [international visitors]. ” said Meydan chairman Saeed Al Tayer.

Forthcoming Dubai Complex From Meydan Developer 5 Forthcoming Dubai Complex From Meydan Developer 6 Forthcoming Dubai Complex From Meydan Developer 7 Forthcoming Dubai Complex From Meydan Developer 8

Image source | via Real Estate Developer Meydan 

Or check out this video to learn a few more things about this fabulous city:

What do you think about this remarkable forthcoming Dubai complex ? Can you picture yourself living in this new residential area ?

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