Largest Apple Store to Open in Dubai

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Largest Apple Store to Open in Dubai

This is the largest Apple Store and it is set to open in Dubai!

Their first-ever location in the Middle East is going to be their biggest in the entire world.

The technology company has just announced their plans to open a massive new store in the United Arab Emirates, joining other high-end brands at Dubai’s beautiful Mall of the Emirates.

In keeping with Apple’s recent focus on the fashion world — no doubt aided by the appointment of former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts.

Currently under construction within the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, and set to be 50,000-swuare-foot, the Apple’s new store will be opening this August, and we already know it is going to be a massive hit.

But it’s a tiny fraction of the Mall of Emirates’ total retail space, which spans 2.4 million square feet and is home to over 700 stores.

The company’s products have been available in the country for a few years now at authorized re-sellers, but starting this summer, people will be able to buy Apple products directly from their store.

Apple may also open a second store in the United Arab Emirates, likely in the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, according to the report.

Largest Apple Store to Open in Dubai
Largest Apple Store to Open in Dubai

By opening their own physical stores in the Middle East, Apple will be able to meet growing demand for their products without relying only on their online store and third-party re-sellers, as it does currently.

Currently brick-and-mortar Apple Stores can be found in 16 countries, while online stores are available in 39 different countries.

Largest Apple Store to Open in Dubai
Largest Apple Store to Open in Dubai

Despite the lack of stores in the United Arab Emirates, the iPhone currently sells slightly less than Samsung in terms of units, although the two companies share almost equal market share in terms of value, according to power retailers.

London’s Covent Garden store was the largest Apple Store in the world when it opened, occupying three floors totalling 40,000 square feet – making the Dubai store 25% bigger.

Largest Apple Store to Open in Dubai
Largest Apple Store to Open in Dubai

Tim Cook visited Dubai in February of last year, also visiting Abu Dhabi, where the Khaleej Times reports the newly opened Yas Mall is likely to host Apple’s second retail store in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is a natural home for Apple, as the 19th richest country in the world, and an increasingly popular premium tourist destination with an emphasis on luxury goods.

Largest Apple Store to Open in Dubai
Largest Apple Store to Open in Dubai

The Mall of the Emirates counts 80 designer brands among its 700 stores, as well as two 5-Star hotels and an indoor ski resort.

The store will be another step towards success, which Apple needs to take in order to be #1 on the market.

This is not the first time Dubai went for a world record, check out this Alux original video we put together:

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