5 May 2015

These are the three most romantic restaurants in London

If it happens for you and your other half to be there, you most really try at least one of this three most romantic restaurants in London!

Every now and then we feel like we need to do something special for our loved ones, and what is more special than a romantic dinner in a dazzling restaurant with personal that treat you like you are Royal?

There is nothing more romantic than eating in the lights of candles, listening some ambiental music and enjoying some lovely company.

1.Clos Maggiore

The interior of this restaurant is absolutely astonishing, and everything from the fairy lights to the fireplace will transcend your senses into a romantic and beautiful experience.

This exquisite place was voted many times “the most romantic place in London” and in the menu you can find a list of 2500 wines to read on a 100 pages list.

But it is not the wine that played the role of Cupid in our scenario, it was the setting of the place which is magical.

The name of the restaurant is half French, half Italian and it gives you a clue about the Mediterranean flavours of the cooking.

It is a perfect place for a date, an anniversary or a marriage proposal, that you will probably remember for the rest of your life!

Most romantic restaurants in London; Clos Maggiore dining room
Clos Maggiore dining room; via privatediningrooms.com

2.The Delaunay

The Delaunay restaurant is another romantic and magical place in London that will for sure take your breath away. It is a magnificent place for dining with a huge wood-panelled room.

The interior will make you feel very cosy, and it will put you and your loved one in the perfect mood for a perfect dining experience.

The room is superb with generous gaps between tables that give you the sense of a theatre, and the personal is very well instructed and they treat regular customers like stars.

most romantic restaurants in london; The Delaunay dining room
The Delaunay dining room; via www.samphireandsalsify.com

3.Berners Tavern

Finally the last restaurant in London that caught our attention in material of romantic experiences is Berners Tavern.

You will be absolutely dazzled by the beauty of this room. It is an exuberant place with every inch filed with gilt-framed art.

Chef Jason Atherton is the man behind this marvelous restaurant,he is not actually cooking there, but his signature style is sprawled all over the menu.

It is a perfect place for a wedding anniversary or if you are feeling guilty about something, either way you will leave with a lifetime memory.

most romantic restaurants in london; Berners Tavern dining room
Berners Tavern dining room; via www.bernerstavern.com

Hopefully you enjoyed this article, and next time you are around don`t forget to check at least one of these three most romantic restaurants in London!

Which one do you think that is perfect for your wedding proposal? For opinions use the comment section below!

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