How I Bought My Freedom With a Black Card | Secrets of Eva

13 March 2015

~ Part Two ~

For those of you who have no idea where they arrived, if you want any of this to make sense, start with me from the beginning.

Yes, he was standing right there in front of me, in the middle of my shitty apartment, asking me to leave everything behind and go away with him. My James Dean was fighting with all of his powers near the door and screaming out loud, with a look on his face like he wanted to kill me and asking me every question that crossed his blinded mind at that moment:

Who the fuck is this guy? Are you sleeping with him? How long has this been going on?

But to be honest, he was beginning to turn into just a background noise. The man god penetrating me with his dark eyes was so empowering that I couldn’t even care anymore about the desperate calls of the reminiscences of my love.

Who the Hell did he think he was though, walking into my apartment at 3 AM and wanting me to just leave with him forever? Well, that’s a question I should’ve asked myself, but instead all I did was get into the velvet dress and grab his hand, leaving the apartment without even turning my head back for a second.

I had no idea what I was doing, but there was a rush inside of me that made me feel more alive than I ever was. My blood was pumping with the speed of light, my mind was thinking a thousand thoughts per second, even my eyeball movements increased in speed. It was all happening so fast I couldn’t even realize it.

He kept his hand on my back until we got out of the building, where a luxurious black car with tinted windows was waiting for us. I didn’t even ask a thing, I just stepped inside the car and let the exquisite leather caress my pale skin. I took a deep breath and it was then when I realized I was truly exhaling after all these years; whatever was pressing upon my chest was gone in that one moment – or at least a significant part of it.

He got in the back next to me and the chauffeur got the car moving immediately. It all comes back in flashes right now, but I honestly think I stood there quietly for a few good minutes, just starring him into the eyes and I still think he was somehow reading my mind, controlling every thought I had. The chauffeur took a violent turn with the car and I suddenly snapped out of the trance, finally popping the question:

Where are we going? 


There it was again, that arrogant smile that made me dizzy a few hours ago back at the club. He then turned his head away from me and looked through the car window the entire time. I could’ve tell since then he was not a man of many words, but there was something that had drawn me next to him like a magnet, a brutal force that was keeping me safe and satisfied. At that point I didn’t even care how he found me without even knowing my whole name because I knew he was taking me to another world and getting me out of the Hell I had fallen into.

We eventually reached the destination and got out of the car in front of a sky-high building that was probably lighting half of the city. We entered the lobby and got in a private elevator made completely out of steel, mirrors and blinding lights.

I had already lost track of the floors when the elevator’s doors opened and my heart stopped. I was there, I was standing in the middle of an empire. Lacquered wooden floors, leather couch and armchairs, a crystal clear coffee table, impeccable white furs lying on the floor, a polished piano and hundred other pieces that I couldn’t even capture with my eyes because there was something else that made my heart skip a beat. The entire place was surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and I was hypnotized. I walked straight up to them and there it was. The entire city was laying at my feet, waiting to serve me day and night, asleep and awake.

I eventually had to let the breath-taking view go and I turned around to look at the god that brought me to this paradise of luxury. He was standing right there with a smug look on his face like he knew exactly what was happening, letting me inhale the smell of money deep inside my lungs so that’s stuck in there forever.

And then I noticed it. He prepared everything, the place was waiting for me. A black lacquered table was offering me a new life. Everything was lined up on top of it, waiting for me to take it – an American Express black card, a list of the most exclusive stores in the city, a brand new cell phone, a diamond necklace, the same watch he was wearing only the women’s version and a tall glass of champagne. Oh, how he knew me so well without even knowing me at all.

I looked at him and he finally moved, slowly walking towards me and I felt my knees getting weak as he began to speak:

I saw it in your eyes back at the club. I knew exactly what you needed and it wasn’t the pretty boy on the stage playing a rockstar. Here’s how things go around here, baby – no man can build an empire without a woman next to him and you’re the perfect woman for mine. So here’s the deal: you be the face of my empire and I’ll give you everything you didn’t even know you needed, nor existed.

His words were music to my ears, but something didn’t make sense. How was this ever going to work? I didn’t know much about emotions, but I couldn’t help but wonder – can you give your life away to a stranger? What about love?

I let my conscience speak loud to him and once again, he stepped on everything I thought I knew, throwing me the most brutal theory I’ve ever heard before along with his statement arrogant laugh:

Oh baby, there’s no such thing as love. That’s the only consolation of poor people making them feel they’re living a fulfilled life. But we’re talking the real deal here – money. Sure, you need someone to drink a glass of wine with every night, but that’s about it, everything else can and will be bought. Why weren’t you happy with that pretty boy? You loved him dearly, but you were living like trash. And why are you looking at me like that and left him behind without a second thought? Because you know I can buy you paradise.

And just like that he crashed everything I thought I knew about people and the relationships between them and I couldn’t help but feel scared. Not because it was a cruel reality he revealed, but exactly because I wasn’t scared. More than that, I inhaled every word he said, I felt a violent satisfaction intoxicating me like I have just found out an answer I’ve been looking for my entire life. I didn’t know what was happening, but he was doing something to me that was way out of my hands to control.

I was craving him and everything that was waiting for me on the black table like a thirsty savage animal, but I couldn’t move. I knew one thing for sure my entire life and he couldn’t take that away from me. I have always had a fine taste for freedom, so I asked him what would all of this mean. Wouldn’t he literally buy me and I would become his property? Can a woman let herself be purchased just like that by a stranger?

And in that moment he saw it again – the craving look on my face, the sparkling inside my eyes when I was talking about this new world he was offering me and knew exactly what I needed to hear:

You will be my property, but I also gave you a Black Card and you can buy your freedom everyday. Your soul is slowly dying without all the finest things in life, you’re not the kind of woman to live on love. You deserve to spend my money and for a matter of fact, every man’s money.

I slowly ran my fingers through my hair and turned my back to him, facing the glass wall in front of me. I stood there for a few minutes, just capturing every inch of the city’s bright lights and feeling my body become leaner and taller. I was feeling it crawling inside my bones – power.

I grabbed the Black Card and walked to the elevator right pass him with the sound of my heels hitting the lacquered floor that I knew it was turning him on. I stepped inside the metallic elevator, turned around face to face with him and let the words out before the doors closed:

It’s a deal, then. I’ll go buy the rest of the world for you.

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