When Power Crawled Into My Bones | Secrets of Eva

14 March 2015

~ Part Three ~

For those of you who have no idea where they arrived, if you want any of this to make sense, start with me from the beginning.

The elevator’s doors closed as he was trying to hold himself from smiling, but there was no use, the look of success on his face was more than clear to me. I knew we have both won right there and then.

There were already over 24 hours since I’ve been awake, but I couldn’t possibly go to sleep, I was so infatuated with this new luxurious world that opened its doors to me. I saw my reflection in the elevator’s mirrors and I surprised myself wearing the most perverse smile I didn’t even think my face could handle. My entire being was metamorphosing in a completely new person I was both scared and fascinated by. I was desperate to eat up everything this new life had to offer.

I was soon back in the building’s lobby and I walked through the entrance leaving a scent of power behind me. It was unbelievable, the chauffeur was already waiting for me in front of the building. I don’t think it took me more than three minutes to get from the living room to the entrance and that incredible man god had already arranged everything. It was then when I said to myself – this is how they live, whatever they want and whenever they want it, this is how I’m going to live.

I got in the car in an instant because I was already missing the soft touch of the leather inside and I commanded the chauffeur to take me to the most exclusive store in the city, that one store that regular people can’t even afford to look at.

He got the car moving right away and the entire ride I couldn’t stop thinking about how small and insignificant the city looked after I saw it laying at my feet an hour ago. I realized all these people walking in a hurry to their shitty jobs were nothing, the real people who pulled the strings are up in the sky, countless floors higher.

I didn’t even realize when we got to the destination as I was way too deep inside my thoughts, but I got off the car and was mesmerized by the entire area. There were only luxurious cars lined up down the street and there weren’t many people on the street, but if you spotted some, they were definitely walking around in stylish shoes and posh costumes.

I entered the store and my breath was instantly taken away. I never even imagined a store could look like that. I was standing in the middle of what looked like a royal castle – marble floors vibrating from the ladies walking in designer shoes, crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, lacquered Mahogany wood spread around, sparkling glass and all the luxurious details you can’t even think about. The entire place was huge and was literally shining from all the wealth crawling on every inch of the room.

And after I eventually managed to detach from the scenery, I noticed the staff was looking skeptical at me. It wasn’t that kind of store anyone would walk in, they had an exclusive clientele and knew every one of their clients, so they were probably thinking I had somehow got lost on the way or something.

A woman who seemed to be in charge, dressed head-to-toe in a cream-colored Chanel suit, started to walk towards me from across the room. It was right then when I realized it was all like out there in the wild – whoever has the power defeats the other beasts.

I clenched my fist around the Black Card until my fingers started to hurt, but it was the sweetest pain I’ve ever felt in my life. A mad confidence filled my entire body and I started to walk towards her, too. The moment we got face to face, she opened her mouth probably to subtly mock me, but I wasn’t going to allow all that anymore. Before she could even say a letter, I handled her the Black Card and told her how things were going to be from then on:

As long as I have this, you don’t look at me that way, you smile and sing along.

I don’t think there was a single moment she expected that to happen, but as soon as she saw the rare piece in my hand she put a forced smile on her face, got me an entire team of personal shoppers and a glass of bubbly pink champagne with raspberries floating on top.

As I was walking to the dressing-room area with an entire army of fashion stylists, I couldn’t help my congratulate myself inside my head. Even I was surprised of what I’ve done, I was honestly expecting to be clumsy when I first step into their world, but now it was more than clear to me that I was born for this, it was my calling to rule over people.

I took a seat on the majestic red velvet sofa with wooden detailed legs in the middle of the dressing area and gave them one clear instruction:

I want you to make me look like I could buy your families.

I felt the hatred through their eyes and the fact they couldn’t possibly do anything against me, how they were forced to give their total best to keep me satisfied even if all they wanted was to kill me, it gave me a vicious feeling inside I knew I would become addicted to.

So of course they obeyed and immediately brought me the most fabulous clothes and glamorous shoes they had, all of them signed from the highest fashion labels in the world – Valentino, Prada, Chanel, Givenchy, everything you can think of.

I sat there quietly sipping from my glass of champagne and looking at them from the highest cloud as they were slipping the shoes on my feet.

After a few hours of letting them dress my body in the most exquisite fabrics I was ready to make the first payment in my life without caring at all. They escorted me to the car waiting outside and stuck the bags in the trunk.

The chauffeur drove me back to the penthouse and I was already a different woman, you could’ve almost touched my new empowering vibe, you could’ve seen the new glow of my skin – it was the color of pure gold.

I got in the elevator and in a few minutes I was back in the extravagant living room. The man god was waiting for me as he probably already knew we were on the way. He was sitting there quietly on the leather armchair, sipping his statement Scotch on the rocks and overlooking the city through the glass wall.

I walked straight towards him and stopped in front of the armchair with an imposing posture. He didn’t look that grandiose anymore and I finally let the question out:

Now tell me how they call you.


Now I can wear your watch, David.

I let my velvet dress slip off and wrapped the watch waiting for me on the black table around my wrist. He looked at me from head to toe and I could clearly see the craving for my flesh into his eyes, so I leaned against his year and whispered:

Are you ready to rule the world with me?

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