Sleeping with Money in the Sky | Secrets of Eva

16 March 2015

~ Part Four ~

For those of you who have no idea where they arrived, if you want any of this to make sense, start with me from the beginning.

I felt his body freezing, his breathing intensifying and burning my naked shoulders, the goose bumps on his neck after I pressed my lips on his earlobe leaving a cruel shade of red lipstick on his skin.

But what was turning me on even more was the fire that was madly burning inside of him, the pleasure crawling under his skin, the yearning for my body and everything else I’ve felt in the arrogant laugh he gave me which was completely different this one time. A laugh that revealed his thirst for the intoxicating scent of my skin as he violently grabbed my face and said:

Show me what you’re capable of. 

I sat up straight, took the glass of scotch from his had, drank it up until the very last drop and then turned around and walked slowly towards the bed with nothing but my red heels on.

He remained in his leather armchair for a good couple of minutes watching the shape of my body hitting the wooden lacquered floor and absorbing every inch of me that was drenching in the abundance of light filling up the penthouse through the giant windows.

Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore and stood up, coming towards me like a storm. He threw me on the bed lying against the glass wall and shivers went down my spine when my skin touched the burgundy silk sheets.

The weight of his body on top of me took my breath away in the most pleasant way and I instantly fell for how he was taking advantage of every piece of my body. I zoned out, lost between his firmly grips on my flesh and his perfect teeth biting my lips until it hurt to pleasure. I was almost ready to surrender, to let myself get lost completely into him when he approached his fleshy lips next to my year and asked:

Is this how you’re gonna take over the world?

I instantly opened my eyes and got back on Earth. I had a moment of weakness, but the revelation I had in that moment shook me to my very core. When he told me to show him what I’m capable of it was a real challenge. He needed me to take control over him, he wanted me to possess him, to do to him what he did to me earlier. I could’ve smelled it: desperation.

And the moment I felt that into his voice, he was no longer the fascinating empowering man I’ve met at the club. I realized I was the one who had the upper hand. I pushed him over, climbed on top of him and took control. With one hand lightly strangling him and the other one pulling his hair, I pressed my lips against his and whispered:

You wanna play, rich boy?

I then looked him dead in the eyes and saw it right there. He was feeling both scared and aroused of my words, of my touch, of my stone cold eyes, of the woman I was becoming.

My body movements were changing, I was making love like never before. I saw how he was going out of his mind from pleasure, but I raised my eyes to overlook the endless city while I was satisfying my billionaire. I pressed my hands against the glass wall and the power was filling me even more every second that went by. I was sleeping with money in the sky.

His moaning, all the oh baby’s called out with his last breathe were only making me stronger and colder. I created an entire experience, I made him feel like he just got off a rollercoaster when he finished. He looked at me like a child who finally got the toy he has been wanting for so long; he was so small and insignificant.

And it was all clear to me then. I made a flaw inside him in the blink of an eye, he was so weak when he was making love to me. There was the secret, there was my secret. That was the only way I could’ve become in control and make him do whatever I wanted, that was the power of sex standing in front of me.

Sleeping with Money in the Sky | Secrets of Eva

I got up and walked to the armchair he was sitting on earlier. I took his place and lit myself a cigarette following his every move. I was exploring his body through the smoke flowing from my mouth, his messy hair and clumsy gestures that were betraying him. My rich boy realized the mistake he had just make and tried to act like nothing ever happened so that maybe it would go unnoticed.

He put a dark blue robe on and walked straight to me, trying to regain his territory:

Get up, I sit in this armchair.

The sofa’s all yours…baby.

You think this is a game?

This is me showing you what I’m capable of. I can leave if you want.

But I knew he wouldn’t ever take the chances to lose me, to never be able to get inside me again, so I stood still and looked him deep into the eyes. It was just a matter of seconds until he gave me the laugh, poured himself a glass of Scotch and took a seat on the sofa in front of me:

Your little rockstar is looking for you.

And just like that, with the lowest strike of them all, the ball was back in his court. I felt sick to my stomach to those stupid words coming out of his mouth. I couldn’t afford to let that memory in my mind and he knew it very well.

I tried my best not to let any emotion show on my face, but I couldn’t control the spark in my eyes fading away. Fortunately, only that rockstar would’ve been able to see that. Still safe and sound on the surface, I fired back at him like a wounded beast:

Game on, baby.

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