Greenest Cities in the World | Top 10

9 July 2014

Greenest Cities in the World | Top 10

To qualify as the greenest cities in the world some of the well known metropolis of today have to make many changes.

Because the earth is suffering from the damage that we do to it, some of the most important cities in the world started the plan where they focus on changing something to create a greener environment.

What does this mean? This means that every city you will see in the following  is involved in a long term plan to change three major areas.

First of all is the energy and how we can make en without using the outdated current system that we rely every day. Because it is old, dirty and inefficient we have to search for other ways to transform and transport energy to our houses and buildings.

Another domain that has to suffer some changes is transportation, because this is one of the fastest way to produce toxic emissions. And by now some of the greenest cities in the world developed alternative transportation, increase the efficiency of the public transportation and create new ways of going from one place to another.

But all of the above aren’t enough and there is one more place where changes have to be done. The buildings produce almost 30% of the global greenhouse gas emissions and this domain needs improvement too.

Some cities managed to get things done and went green. Lets see which city is the greenest!

10. Bogota

The first contender for the greenest cities in the world is Bogota, the biggest city in South America and the largest from Columbia.

With a population that goes over 8 million people, this city was named one of the greenest cities in the world because some domains like transportation and green spaces where modified.

So the city received a new bus system, an efficient way of transportation created with money that where intended for building new roads to elevate the traffic.

But this wasn’t enough and all the sidewalks where reconstructed, green spaces where built in every bus stop and bike lanes were created.

The city of Bogota received a transport and traffic revitalization and in this effort was created a car-free day on every 1st of February, the gas prices where raised, everything to make people understand that the city can offer you a cheaper way of commutation, greener and more friendly for the environment.

Greenest Cities in the World | Top 10

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