Halloween Costume Ideas

19 October 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas

The Halloween is around the corner so let’s get ready for it! 

What is Halloween? Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. Have you ever thought why do people wear costumes on Halloween?

Of course, this is a part of the history and they were worn to scare off ghosts and demons because on Halloween, spirits were thoughts to walk the Earth as they traveled to the afterlife.

The wearing of costumes on Halloween originated in a Scottish and Irish tradition and people worn costumes to symbolize the belief that spirits walk the earth with the living on this particular night.

Trick or treat, do you know what’s with the door to door begging for candy? On Hallows’ Eve, the Celts would leave food on their doorsteps to keep the hungry ghost from entering their homes. There are so many interesting facts about Halloween!

For example, do you know why orange and black are the main colors for Halloween? Well, that’s because orange represents the fall harvest and black represents darkness and death! Why do people love Halloween?

Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 halloween red hot vampire look

There are so many reasons! For example, there are parties everywhere and you can show up scary, funny, and sexy or whatever you want to!

It’s a day where you can show your imagination and people are doing it for fun. Pumpkins, bonfires, horror places and costume parties are on everyone’s mind! Halloween is not just for children so the question is: What should you be for Halloween?

There are so many costumes; you just need to know what you want to wear! Everyone is looking for something unique, so if you are looking for the perfect Halloween costume this year, keep reading and be inspired!

Halloween Costume Ideas: Trendy Halloween Costumes, Make-up and Ideas


Do you want to scare everyone as a Mummy this Halloween? If yes, then let me tell you that it is really easy to make this costume.

You just need to get some white fabric, for example old sheets work great!

The make-up is really important, try Smokey eyes style and why not wear a black blush instead of a pink one?  Also, make sure to use the best nude lipstick! Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 mummy Pumpkin

Do you love pumpkin? I’m sure you do! Pumpkins are a classic Halloween costume that can be made at home without sewing.

Make sure you wear a lot of orange, black and green! For the makeup up all you need is: black eyeliner, black eyes-shadow, black lipstick, orange blush and let’s not forget about foundation.

Try this Halloween costume/make-up if you want to be a sweet pumpkin this Halloween! Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 pumpkin


Are you looking for a cute costume this Halloween?

If you don’t want to scare people on Halloween, then why not try this makeup/costume?

The deer makeup trend has been going around lately so be in trend! Don’t forget to use some tree branches for the deer horns! Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 deer


If you can’t figure out what to be for Halloween night, try out this awesome skull makeup and hairstyle!

There are many different YouTube tutorials to choose from.

With a black liner draw small thin lines at the mouth and some thin cracked lines at the chin.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 Skeleton Skull


If you are looking for something fun/colourful and you are not sure what you want, then the Mermaid makeup might be the perfect one for you!

There are different ways to create the look, but just use lots of shimmer and buy some sequins and use eyelash glue to stick them on!

Also, you can try blue or green fake eyelashes.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 mermaid

Creepy Porcelain Doll!

This makeup is perfect for a confident person.

Keep in mind that the doll look is a really good idea for photo-shoots and costume parties.

Think pale and light! Also, you can wear blue contacts because la lot of dolls have crystal blue colored eyes.

Don’t forget about the red lipstick! Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 doll


If you are a creative person, you might want to wear something very original.

To create an original look, just draw whatever you want on your face. For example, you can draw a spider web on your face.

Have you ever thought of witch face paint? Just start with a green base and draw gruesome black lines with a paintbrush.

It’s really easy and very creative! Use black lipstick and fake eyelashes for a dramatic look! Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 spider


What do you need to create this costume? Well, as you can see from this image, you don’t need so many items!

All you need is a yellow beanie, yellow blouse, a pair of denim dungarees and a pair of round sunglasses!

That’s it! Have fun wearing this costume! Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 minion

Black Cat – Bad luck?

A medieval myth told that Satan turned himself into a cat so he can socialize with the witches, but nowadays, black cats aren’t synonymous with bad luck!

To create a cool cat Halloween makeup, just do your eyeliner black and a little thick at the ends (cat eyes style).

After that, color the tip of your nose with an eyeliner pencil and draw some whiskers!

Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 cat makeup

Halloween Nail Art

Nail art has taken over the world, but no holiday inspired the nail art world like Halloween!

Go with the nail art striper or experiment with nail art pens. Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 nail art - art nail


You can use temporary lip tattoo or you can do it yourself!

Try to have fun and don’t be scared to try something different, it’s Halloween!

Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 lips

Miley Cyrus Halloween Costume

Miley Cyrus’ outfit from the MTV VMAs it’s a popular Halloween costume this year!

If you are a crazy person (just like Miley), then this Halloween costume was made for your! Create your own costume and let the twerking begin!

Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 mily-cyrus-vmas-costume

I hope you enjoyed our article about the Halloween Costume Ideas.Let us know what is your favourite costume for this Halloween! Have fun!