The Most Expensive Lipstick In The World

8 August 2013

 The Most Expensive Lipstick In The World 

Is lipstick the one thing that you won’t forget when you leave the house ?

Many women fell naked without their lipstick, or without a slick of gloss on. Basically women apply these cosmetics to add color and accentuate the shape of their lips.

Read on and discover The Most Expensive Lipstick In The World!

Lipsticks come these days in a huge range of colors, even black or blue , but red is still the most popular shade. Bright red lipstick conveys the message of a sophisticated and highly attractive woman. A woman  that is truly seductive to men.

The Most Expensive Lipstick In The World


These days we are lucky because we can choose from hundreds of shades and pay from a couple dollars to thousands of dollars. But, I always wanted to know what is the most expensive lipstick in the world and what is it makes it so expensive.

I know there are lipstick cases made with Swarovski crystals or even gold and diamonds, it’s not surprising they cost more than a house.

So, how much would you spent on a lipstick ?


The most expensive lipstick in the world !

Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds – $62,000

I’m wondering how would you feel if you’re lucky enough to get the Guerlain KissKiss Gold And Diamonds lipstick as a birthday gift, or just a nice surprise from your boyfriend. This is the most luxurious lipstick .

The question is : What is exactly makes it so expensive and special ?

The Most Expensive Lipstick In The World

You can choose from 15 exclusive shades, but the case makes it so expensive. It is made from 18 karat gold studded with 199 sparkling diamonds. You can have this precious lipstick engraved with your name or a personalised message and luckily it is refillable, so that you can keep on impressing your friends for a very long time!


“Lipstick is simple, yet mysterious. One never really knows what she may uncover when the top is removed. This element of surprise creates curiosity and longing, which is what I hope each woman experiences when she clutches KissKiss Gold and Diamonds in the heart of her hand. It is powerful and unimaginable, unique and desired, obtainable and unobtainable at the same time,” says KissKiss co-creator Herve Van Der Straeten.

The Most Expensive Lipstick In The World


All of the big cosmetic houses have a lot of types of lipstick, so there is a shade and lipstick out there that will suit every woman. All you have to do is to go and experiment and ask the beauty consultants in the stores to help you pick one out. 


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