Healthy Foods You Should Eat This Summer

2 August 2014

Healthy Foods You Should Eat This Summer

If you’ve run out of ideas of what to eat next, here is a list of Healthy Foods You Should Eat This Summer!

While you might not notice it permanently, we are one with our bodies and minds and we are fragile.

Whether you’re at work or at home it is very important to take care of yourself but especially of what you’re eating. Remember the saying “You are what you eat”? That is entirely true.

By eating certain foods, our bodies assimilate proteins, minerals, vitamins that have a great importance to us,as an organism.

The foods we will be talking about today are actually raw fruits and vegetables. By eating raw fruits and vegetables your body gets the nutrients it needs in order to become stronger and healthier.


While you might not have given bananas a great importance until now, after reading the following you’ll never look at one the same way again!

Bananas are known to contain three natural sugars: sucrosefructose and glucose combined with fiber.

You should put this fruit on your eat-list because it gives an instant boost of energy, as a matter of fact, two bananas can provide enough energy for a 90-minute workout.

But providing energy isn’t the only way a banana can help us keep fit!

Bananas contain tryptophan, a protein which the body converts into serotonin-which is known to make your body relax and make you feel happier. Does it sound familiar?This may be your healthiest weapon against depression!

Bananas are also high in iron and can prevent Anemia, it can regulate your blood pressure because it is high in potassium and it might be your best choice when curing a hangover!

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1.Bananas | Healthy Foods You Should Eat This Summer
1.Bananas | Healthy Foods You Should Eat This Summer

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