15 Highest Paid Soccer Players in the World

19 August 2016

They work at the most popular field in the world. They earn millions of dollars every year. They are the highest paid soccer players in the world.

Soccer is arguably the most popular sport out there. Working on that level of attention could only mean two things: either you crack under pressure or you shine to be one of these highest paid soccer players.

These numbers reflect on a lot of things. It is not just simply about their skills or who is the best on the field. It is also, and mainly, about how much they can give back to the paying party.

Soccer clubs are fighting to get the best players. Thus, they put big money on the table. They pay their players enormous amount of money by hoping that they will make buck load of money from sponsorships.

The best players from various elite clubs also boost their annual income apart from their salary with their big endorsement deals. We rank fifteen highest paid soccer players out there based on their salary, bonus, and endorsements. Here they are!

15. Mesut Ozil ($18 million)

15 Highest Paid Soccer Players in the World | #15. Mesut Ozil ($18 million)
15 Highest Paid Soccer Players in the World | #15. Mesut Ozil ($18 million) | source: productionparadise.com

Even though he was one of the German squad who failed to score during the penalty shootout against Italy in the last Euro 2016 (boy, that was comical), Mesut Ozil is still one of the leading soccer players in the world.

His career blasted off as he shined with Germany national team in 2014 World Cup. It was a sweet victory for the country and himself. However, soccer experts and enthusiasts had started to keep an eye on him ever since he joined Arsenal in 2013.

The Gunners is currently paying him $12 million of salary and estimated bonus per year. That is a pretty good deal for the 27-year-old attacking midfielder.

In terms of endorsements, he is estimated to make around $6 million per year from several deals. His major deal comes from Adidas. Ozil was the first English Premier League player to wear the Adidas laceless boots.

Thus, in total, he is making $18 million per year from his Arsenal’s salary, bonus, and several endorsements deals.

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