15 Highest Paid Actors on Current TV Series

10 August 2016

14. Andrew Lincoln – $90,000 per episode of The Walking Dead

The 15 Highest Paid TV Series Actors | #14. Andrew Lincoln - $90,000
The 15 Highest Paid TV Series Actors | #14. Andrew Lincoln – $90,000 | source: digitalspy.com

Next up is another actor from The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln. His character, Rick Grimes, is the sheriff in town, both literally and figuratively. Before the apocalypse, he was a sheriff. In the other hand, he has been leading the group since the first season. His natural leadership brought good people together.

Being the leading actor, Andrew is the highest-paid among the cast of the show. He is currently paid $90,000 per episode.

As mentioned earlier, there have been 99 of them. That means he has successfully stacked a good amount of money for the past six years.

Andrew and Rick share the same trait: family oriented. Rick will do anything to protect his family and his group. Andrew put his family as priority. While other The Walking Dead casts spend their time off screen promoting the series or shooting another film, Andrew spends most of his break time with his family. He lives a simple and humble life with his family despite possessing $8 million dollars net worth.

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