Can you believe that these hot celebrities are still single?

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A celebrity dating other celebrities is common news. But what about hot celebrities who are not dating anyone for a long time?

It is definitely uncommon! Especially when those are hot celebrities. It leaves us wondering why they decide not to be involved in any relationship.

They are famous. That reason alone will put them on the top of bachelor and bachelorette list. Not to mention their talent and wealth.

However, it is possible that they are just hiding the fact that they do have someone special. They just do not want the excessive publicity which could jeopardize their relationship.

We have the list of 15 hot celebrities who are still single. Let’s discuss which among them are just simply single, which are just denying their dating rumors, and which are just unlucky in love.

15. Nick Jonas

Can you believe that these hot celebrities are still single? | Nick Jonas
Can you believe that these hot celebrities are still single? | Nick Jonas | source:

Nick Jonas was just the cute boy from Jonas Brothers. But now, he has blossomed into an attractive man. He has been working out. He is definitely leaving the boy band image behind.

He admitted during an interview in the Ellen DeGeneres show that he is still single. Fans in the studio cheered after he said that. Ironically, they are happy that he is lonely!

Back in 2006, Nick dated Miley Cyrus. The two teenagers were together for about two years. Then, he moved on to Selena Gomez in 2008. After that, he was rumored to date other celebrities like Courtney Galiano, Delta Goodrem, and Gigi Hadid.

Then finally from 2013 to 2015, he dated Olivia Culpo. Since then, there have been only unconfirmed dating rumors. Ellen tried to get it out of him during the interview by mentioning Kate Hudson. Unfortunately, Nick didn’t respond.

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