Hottest European Female Athletes | TOP 10

9 June 2014

Hottest European Female Athletes | TOP 10

I wonder if Romania has a place on the Hottest European Females Athletes.

Who doesn’t like sports? Everyone, especially when we are taking about the hottest European female athletes.

If its sport is good, but if it has beauty and sexiness then is better. Isn’t that right guys?

We are next going to talk about the hottest female athletes from Europe. Let’s see how many do you know. Better, let’s make a bet that you won’t know more than 3, deal?

They say Russian girls are the hottest. I wonder if that is true. Let’s see the top and find out, shall we?

Let’s see if there are girls that can beat the Russians on the hotness, okay? Let us know which athlete is your favorite!

Let’s start the top 10 Hottest European Female Athletes!

10. Kiira Korpi

Country: Finland
Sport: Figure Skating
Years: 2002-present
The queen of ice Miss Kiira Korpi is one of the hottest women in figure skating today. Started skating when she was only five years old.

Since then she has won a couple of medals on the European circuit. As a Finnish figure skater Kiira had her ups and downs. But she managed to stay up and won several medals. Such as the bronze medal in 2007 and 2011 and silver medal in 2012.

A two-time Cup of China medalist and a four-time Finnish national champion, Kiira deserves her spot on our top.

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