How Successful People Think | Part 2

24 March 2014

How Successful People Think | Part 2

Let’s find out the basic rules of How Successful People Think | Part 2!

Do you want to take a ride deep inside successful people minds?

Do you want to see what they see, to understand the way they see the world?

I will take you there, to the place where success is born and you will see that there is a door accessible to anyone.

You just have to really wish to achieve something and I will help you by pointing out some ideas that will give you a hint of how successful people think:

They take a decision and then commit to it

How Successful People Think | Part 2

Think about how many time you said: I will take that course, I will learn to do that, I will go to the gym everyday etc.

And now think of how many of these things did you actually do. If your score is not that high, pay attention!

A successful person knows that when they take a decision they will have to really commit to it. So, that’s why they analyze twice before making up their mind.

It doesn’t matter if when you start something you realize that it is difficult, you have to keep on going or you will never see what you are capable of.

They are good and they know it

How Successful People Think | Part 2

I am not saying you have to be arrogant. Just that you have to take a good look at yourself and see what’s making you different.

That’s something a successful person known very well. They know themselves, are conscious of their qualities and drawbacks.

They are proud of their qualities and talent. If you will not appreciate yourself, nobody will!

They have the courage to refuse things that don’t nourish their soul

How Successful People Think | Part 2

They do what they love. Period. Many people get stuck into jobs they don’t like, in groups of people they don’t get along with and they don’t have the courage to give up those things.

And it is really simple after all: if you don’t like something you will never do your best at it, so you will do a mediocre job.

Better, take life in your own hands and start doing what you love.

It doesn’t matter if you have to learn something from scratch, with motivation and passion you will do extraordinary things.

They don’t think in terms of difference, but in terms of diversity

How Successful People Think | Part 2


Of course, we all know that we are different and our co-workers or family might not have the same opinions we have.

But that doesn’t stop up from getting annoyed when someone does not agree with us or even getting into fights.

Successful persons actually like to listen to those around and understand the way they think.

They love that we are all so different and complex and they respect other people opinions, even if they don’t agree.

Diversity is what keeps them from getting bored. And boredom is the thing they hate the most.

They are as comfortable being alone, as they are in a crowd of people

How Successful People Think | Part 2

Many persons are afraid of being alone, but a person with a strong personality will actually enjoy that time.

They are comfortable with their own company, they like to analyze and take a look at their lives as if they were just witnessing it.

They take that time alone to explore their creativity and always find some activity, so they don’t get bored. This is how they keep themselves grounded and strong.

They have nothing to hide, they are true to themselves and are not afraid of loneliness.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you got inspired to live the life YOU want. Don’t forget to check out How Successful People Think | Part 1.