How Successful People Think |Part 1

21 March 2014

How Successful People Think |Part 1

Let’s find out the basic rules of How Successful People Think |Part 1!

In the world we live in, most people are unhealthy. And I am not necessarily talking about their bodies, as I am about their minds.

You will meet al kinds of people: those who just don’t care, those who struggle without seeing any results and those who seem that life is following their flow, not the other way around.

Those are the people that seem to “magically” succeed in whatever is it they’re doing and that are every day greater than they were the day before.

Do you want to know what the difference between them and other people is? The way they think! Here is what they do:

They think positivepositiv

Champions think in terms of “I will” and “I can”. Positive thinking is when everybody tells you the reasons why you can’t do it, that it was never done before, that it’s too complicated, that you are not good enough and you still go on that path and do whatever you can to accomplish what you want.

They never limit themselves and they won’t believe that it is impossible if they didn’t test it. It doesn’t mean that you are naïve, it means that you know that positivity empowers you and gives strength to your actions. As Nelson Mandela once said:

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

They concentrate on one thing at a time concetrate

We all know what multi-tasking is, we all tried it at least once and we all failed at least once. No, multi-tasking will not get your tasks done faster and better. All you will be doing will be to do 2 or more mediocre things at the same time.

Those magic skills you think successful people have, are actually very simple.

You will only do something extraordinary, impressive and never seen before when you will concentrate on it and give it your full attention.

No failures, just opportunities to growgrow

Failures are inevitable. For anyone. You better accept it or keep being afraid anytime you take a step back.

Basically, successful people have put themselves through many situations, they have won, they have lost, but every time they have learnt something.

When you win you learn what your skills are and when you fail you learn on what you have to keep on working, so actually you never fail.

They like to meet peoplepleople

Smart people know many other smart people. Not so successful people think that others can steal their ideas or consider themselves superior to some groups, so they will avoid contact. Actually, meeting different personalities is a great way of growing yourself.

You will not truly understand yourself until you have tried to understand others.

They explore different ideascreative-mind-brain-wallpaper-1024x576

They won’t just adopt a popular belief if they don’t believe in it or before they filter it. They don’t get stuck into mind patterns, they don’t believe that their ideas are the best and they will give a chance to any concept if its story ads up.

They don’t live with stereotypes and they don’t label, they have a creative free mind that likes to explore everything and a curiosity that sometimes gets them into trouble.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you will start doing these things today. Also, check out How Successful People Think |Part 2.