10 Most Expensive Iconic Hypebeast Items

15 April 2021

Are You a Hypebeast Always Looking For Some Inspiration To Upgrade Your Style Even More? You’ve Come to the Right Place.

Some say streetwear is redefining or even saving luxury. Traditionally, luxury fashion kept it’s exclusivity just through high prices.

If you are fully stacked Louis Vuitton top to bottom, that means you have a lot of money. And poor taste. If you are fully stacked in hypebeast items tho, that means you were in the right place at the right time and you have a sense of style. That’s not something daddy can buy.

The exclusivity of streetwear fashion relies on the drop model. Brands “quote” drop, few items, way below the demand and the resale market takes care of the rest of the process. It’s actually pretty similar to collecting art. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most iconic and expensive hypebeast style items so far. Side note, we’ll try to keep one entry per brand and stick to clothing and sneakers only.

This whole list would be full with Supreme X Louis Vuitton pieces, otherwise.

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With that said, let’s bounce back to the article.


Off-White Industrial Belt

Average Price: $200 – $500

We start the list nice and easy with the Off White Industrial Belt. We included this as our first entry because it was one of the first pieces which debuted in a Runway show and instantly became a streetwear essential.

It looks out of place, unorthodox but somehow works. Making its first appearance with style at the Paris Fashion Week, the belt, designed by Virgil Abloh, became an instant classic and a must have in any hypebeast closet.

It’s considered one of the boldest moves towards a more open-minded style.


BAPE x Anti Social Social Club Hoodie

Average Price: $1,000

You can’t talk about streetwear without mentioning BAPE.

Started in Japan in the early ‘90, A Bathing Ape, or BAPE for short, has had a pretty interesting story.

While today, brands like Supreme are the experts in hype, it all started with BAPE, and it’s founder, Nigo.

When he first started out, Nigo had a super tight budget and he could only afford to make around 50 t-shirts each week. And even though he eventually ended up with 40 stores across Japan, he made a call that gave birth to how streetwear operates today.

He closed all of them, but one, in Tokyo. Sales went through the roof and people started camping outside for a chance to cop a hoodie.

Although BAPE ran out of fashion at some point, due to high counterfeits overseas, the history of it is worth a mention.

On our list we went to the collaboration between BAPE and Anti Social Social Club for a bit of a mix up.


Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Core Black Red

Average Price: $1,200

Coming in hot at number 3 are the classic black and red yeezys. Look, say what you want about Kanye’s personal life but you can’t deny his creative and marketing genius.

The launch of the yeezy lineup marks a cultural shift in streetwear fashion. Think about it, how many times did an artist launch his own streetwear clothing line with such insane success?

Probably the most notable one is Pharell who launched Billionaire Boys Club along with BAPE’s Nigo. It’s cool, it’s not Yeezy tho.

The 350 v2 are probably the most iconic ones, rocked by celebrities left and right.

And thanks to new technologies from adidas, the style is actually insanely comfortable, which is not that common for hypebeast sneakers.


Supreme 20th Anniversary Box Logo T-shirt

Average Price: $2,000

Let’s get this out of the way and talk about the most counter fitted t-shirt in streetwear history. The Supreme box logo white t-shirt.

It’s probably one of the most recognizable logos of all time.

Quick streetwear history lesson. Back in the 94’s, there was a clothing store in new york who wanted to create its own t-shirts for opening day. Tree designs were created, with one being a white t-shirt, with the store name “Supreme”, written in a red box.

The design was .. let’s say inspired, from the works of conceptual artist Barbara Kruger.

This phenomenon of using other people’s work is actually something very common in the streetwear world.

Today, the 20th Anniversary of the t-shirt box logo will run you about 2 grand, if you manage to get one.


Stüssy 40th Anniversary Jacket

Average Price: $4000

We bet not many of you heard about this brand but the story behind fits the Alux context perfectly.

Back in the 60’s, a 13 year old kid from California loves to surf in his past. He starts shaping his own boards and not long after he begins selling them and writes his name on them with a marker.

He goes to a trade show and makes some shirts to go along with the boards. He sells 24 boards and a thousand t-shirts.

He realizes there’s a huge demand for his shirts and starts a clothing company. Fast forward today and Stussy is one of the most sought after streetwear brands.

The Varsity Jackets are special items made by Stussy originally for his inner circle. The most recent one, the 40th Anniversary will run you for about 4k, and again, if you can find one. 


Off-White x Air Jordan 1 Chicago

Average Price: $4,600

This pair was one of the most anticipated launches of 2017. It was the first time Virgil Abloh collaborated with Nike and turned out to be one of the most insane launches Nike has ever had.

It was a much needed breath of fresh air for Nike and an entry point back into high fashion streetwear, especially since Kanye left them for Adidas a couple of years prior. 

Commonly referred to as sneaker of the year, they became part of sneaker history.

The design was also one of Virgil’s favorites and he gifted a lot of them to celebrities. For A$AP Rocky he wrote “AIR FLACO” on the midsole and for Drake, obviously, “AIR CANADA”. 


Supreme x The North Face Leather Jacket

Average Price: $4,800

Supreme has a long history with The North Face brand, going back to 07. Since then they created pieces for pretty much every season.

 The black and yellow jacket is one of the most recognizable pieces and one of the most expensive as well.

Why wear one brand when you can wear two?     


Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October

Average Price: $9,500

Just before Kanye ditched Nike for adidas, he made history with the Red Octobers. Many called this the most anticipated sneaker release of all time.

So what exactly happened?

On May 18, 2013, Kim Kardashian posted a teaser photo of a new red sneaker alongside Kanye’s Yeezus album. The same day Kanye performs on SNL wearing the new red colorway.

A couple of hints follow but no release date or any other information, besides the name of the new shoe: Red October.

Then all of the sudden, Kanye announces his split with Nike and partnership with Adidas. Fans started asking what’s happening with Red Octobers. Apparently not even Kanye knew for sure.

If you are a Kanye West super fan, don’t forget to check out 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Kanye West.


Supreme Louis Vuitton Parka Blue 

Average Price: $19,500

Yes we know, we promised one entry per brand but we had to mention this one.

Back in 2000, Louis V’ slapped Supreme with a cease & deceit letter for it’s LV inspired designs.

It looked like the end for Supreme’s efforts to look luxurious. But then out of nowhere, at the 2017 Louis Vuitton Fashion Show, the pair made their debut with the Supreme x LV collection

Hypebeast everywhere went nuts over the style and resale prices skyrocketed, with the blue parka being one of the most expensive pieces to come out of the collection.


Nike Dunk SB Low Freddy Krueger

Average Price: $26,000

We end this list with a pair of sneakers that have one of the most legendary stories.

Back in 2007, Nike decided to celebrate Halloween with a trio of horror-themed sneakers. But literally hours after Nike shipped the new models to retailers, they received a letter. More specifically, a lawsuit from New Line Cinema, the copyright holders for the Freddy Krueger franchise. So they had to immediately notify retailers to call back the Freddy Krueger model, in order to destroy all of them.

As you can expect by now, not everyone got the notice. Some stores already sold some pairs to early bidders and there are stories of workers actually smuggling pairs from Nike warehouses.

It’s estimated that about 30 pairs made it to the public, although the number may be higher, due to people wanting to stay quiet. At the end of the day, the sneaker is technically illegal.

But every now and then, a pair shows up on different resale stores, with prices going to as much as $26k.

And that’s it for today’s article Aluxers.


Do you think streetwear is replacing luxury? What about hypebeasts, are they the new art collectors? Let’s get a conversation going in the comments!