Most Innovative Coca-Cola Marketing Campaigns

18 June 2014

Most Innovative Coca-Cola Marketing Campaigns | Top 10

It comes as no surprise that Coca-Cola Marketing Campaigns represent a world record! For over 125 years, Coca-Cola proved its creativity by mastering the guerrilla marketing concept – they created a memorable brand experience!

With the estimated value of $79 billion as Interbrand stated last year, the Coca-Cola company worked really hard its way to success.

Back in 1886 when the brand was established, there were only 9 Coke bottles sold, but with the best marketing strategies they reached in 2013 the unbelievable number of 1.8 billion company beverages sold!

President and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard, Meg Whitman, once said some inspiring words: “When people use your brand as a verb, that is remarkable.”

Well, Coca-Cola, a marketing genius, managed to do just that!

We will now show you 10 of the numerous and ingenious Coca-Cola marketing campaigns that we found the most touching and uplifting!

10.Hug Machine

We present to you the Coca-Cola vending machine that has feelings! No, it’s not a joke!

A specially made machine that gives you a free coke in return of a small favor: a hug!

We all need a little bit of affection from time to time. Well, as the Coca-Cola company states: “Because vending machines have feelings too.”

Get your free Coke by spreading some love!

Be ready to get moving with #9!

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